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4 types of pet food ingredients for senior dogs



4 types of pet food ingredients for senior dogs

Adapted to a press release:

It is increasingly important for pet owners that their cats and dogs stay healthy, remain active and can live comfortably well into old age. As a result, the senior pet food market is growing. IQI Trusted Petfood Ingredients, a global supplier of specialty ingredients, recently published a whitepaper specifically on senior pet food.

Ingredients for the nutrition of the elderly

Ingredients with specific health and wellbeing benefits for older cats and dogs, according to the IQI, include:

  1. Highly digestible protein sources such as chicken powder, chicken liver hydrolyzate or spray-dried chicken plasma,
  2. Fats and the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA from full-fat krill meal, fish oil or algae DHA,
  3. Taurine and
  4. Various sources of soluble and insoluble, fermentable and non-fermentable fiber for gut health.

When cats and dogs reach the senior stage, they can experience a variety of physical, physiological, metabolic, and behavioral changes. This can lead to many problems, such as deterioration in the condition of the skin, coat or teeth, deterioration in the health and functionality of the joints, decreased vitality, increased susceptibility to allergies and diseases or decreased tolerance to stress. Specific ingredients can be used to control or alleviate these problems.

The composition of senior food for cats and dogs must focus on maintaining health and optimal body condition, including paying special attention to organ function, thereby extending life expectancy and quality of life. As their ability to digest and absorb nutrients decreases, both older cats and dogs require adequate intake of high quality, highly digestible protein, highly digestible nutrients, and increased levels of antioxidants. Good nutrition can also help delay the onset of geriatric dysfunction and chronic illness, or help treat existing illnesses.

IQI Trusted Petfood Ingredients has published its latest whitepaper “Finding the right ingredients for the nutrition of seniors to support healthy aging”, written by innovation manager Geert van der Velden.

About IQI

IQI is a global supplier of premium ingredients for the pet food brands. IQI products are monitored and developed through innovation by responding to the latest pet trends and needs. In close cooperation with customers and suppliers, IQI creates full transparency in the supply chain, controls every step in the process from source to shelf and delivers products that are pure and traceable back to the source.

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