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Angry Neighbor Sickens Puppies With Mystery Powder To Deter Their Barking



angry neighbor sickens puppies with mystery powder to deter their

When ShaianShe returned home to let her puppies go outside and was shocked to discover large amounts of orange powder piled up along her fence.

Not only was she deeply concerned because she didn’t have any idea what the powder was, but of course, her seven-month-old puppies didn’t hesitate to devour it once they spotted it in their yard.


After bringing the girls inside, she was gone. ShaianI called my housing company to ask about the orange powder. She was concerned about her pups’ behavior. They were chugging water and panting, so she needed to find out the reason. The company said that there weren’t any work orders that day, and that no one was ever on her property to perform maintenance.

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Shaian, in search of answers, decided to walk next to her neighbor to ask her if she knew anything. ToSurprised, her neighbor confessed that she had dumped a stockpile spicy chili powder on their shared fence. Her neighbor further went on to say that she was frustrated and sleep-deprived from Shian’s rescue dogs’ bothersome barking. The woman revealed that she searched online to find a dog barking repellent and found that chili powder was available.

“I didn’t know that they would eat it, I just saw it online and thought it would be a good idea since they’re always barking at us and harassing my dog and peeing on the fence line,”Claim: Her neighbor

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ShaianRecently adopted a pair female puppies that were abandoned by their owners and left to die at an unknown location. “dump site” nearby. Storm and Rogue are seven months old and are still in puppy-training. They have not yet mastered their barking skills. They still have a lot to learn after only three months.

This is what you need. Shaian admits she knew, but didn’t realize it was bothering her neighbor so much. She wishes they had had a discussion instead of her neighbor rushing to do something that caused her sweet dogs to get sick. 


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They started to feel ill after inhaling all that spicy chili powder. Additionally, they developed stomach troubles and diarrhea. Shian called her veterinarian and was advised to monitor her pups, as well as keep an eye out for any unusual behavior. Both her girls are expected complete recovery.

Shian is also grateful that the chili powder had a minimal impact on her life. The day after the powder had been poured, it was stormy and there were two tornadoes in the area. It would have been difficult, or even impossible, to drive the dogs to the vet.


The girls were fed chicken and rice and they are feeling great! #greenscreen #karen #adoptdontshop #badneighbors #puppies

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