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Beloved “Cheetah Ambassador” Dog Dies, But His Legacy Lives On



beloved “cheetah ambassador” dog dies, but his legacy lives on

Coby, a Labrador Retriever, was well-known at the Columbus Zoo in Ohio. As a puppy, he was a very special member of staff. He was a great cheetah-raiser and took care of Zemba and Bibi, two young cheetahs. It’s common for zoos to pair dogs with cheetah cubs because they help socialize the large felines.

The zoo is heartbroken after the death of Coby, but his legacy won’t be forgotten. Coby raised many animals at the zoo. He even trained other dogs. Coby was a successful pup in his special role.


The life of a Cheetah Ambassador

Coby is best known for his play with young cheetahs, and taking care of them. Coby also cared for many other baby animals like warthogs or foxes. Baby animals who had recently undergone surgery found the pup especially comforting. He loved to greet humans and was always happy to see them.

“Coby was a joy for our Animal Programs staff and everyone he came into contact with over the past 8 years,”The Columbus Zoo wrote. “His playful and calm demeanor made him one of the best baby-raising helpers in Animal Programs.”

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Coby raised two companion dogs at the zoo, Cash and Cullen during his career. When he wasn’t working hard to help the zoo animals, he was right beside his canine friends.

ButUnfortunately, even the most powerful dogs will have to cross the rainbow bridge one day. OnDecember 30, 2021, Coby was said farewell by the staff.

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Coby, Rest in peace

Toward the end of 2021, Coby’s health significantly declined. Coby was just eight years old when he developed chronic arthritis in his neck and spinal cord compressions. These issues led to neurological signs. It was impossible for Coby to walk again pain-free even with corrective surgery. Coby’s loved ones knew they needed to make a hard decision.

Coby was just before the New Year and was sent to be humanely executed. It was a difficult time for everyone who knew Coby. Yet, he had so many accomplishments during his time at the zoo, so he’ll never be forgotten.

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“Coby was a pillar of our Animal Programs department and a treasured member of our Zoo family. Though we are devastated, we are confident he has found a sunny spot across the rainbow bridge, napping happily and keeping an eye on his loved ones,”The Columbus Zoo wrote.

Coby’s story reminds others to be kind to animals. Even in his last months, Coby loved making baby animals happy and confident. Coby, Rest in Peace. Your loving footprints left a lasting impression on the world, Coby.

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