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Black Bear Attacks Fearless Woman’s Dog



fearless woman defends her dog from black bear

It is rare for anyone to say they have met a mother black bear face-to-face and have only a few scratches. Diane Fillion from Manitoba Canada can say that she has! She was able to know what to do, and her home security camera captured some of the incident. She wouldn’t have known the truth of what happened that day if she hadn’t had a home security camera.

It all started Saturday morning when Diane was playing with Ozzy, her Rottweiler. Ozzy, her Rottweiler Ozzy, spotted a bear cub as they were walking around a corner of Diane’s property. She placed him in a tree and Ozzy took it to the tree. The cub was found by Ozzy, who immediately made eye contact with Diane. 

“We’ve got myself and my dog and three bears all looking at each other. The dog put one of the cubs in the tree, and then the mom came after my dog, and the fight started,”Diane.

Ozzy is seen running at full speed past Diane, who was trying to get away. She was able grab a large stick and avoided being knocked to the ground by the bear. Diane started throwing the stick at Ozzy, trying to make her appear bigger than she really was. She was successful and the footage shows Ozzy running to the tree where Ozzy had placed her cub. 

Security FootageImage Credit: Screenshot/winnipeg.ctvnews

“I thought I had tripped, and then we pulled our security cameras and then we realized no, the bear actually hit me,”Diane

Diane was a little confused about the details of her security footage before she pulled it. She had actually convinced herself that she had tripped and not been pushed by the bear. Diane said that everything happened in an instant after she saw the bear. Diane called Manitoba Conservation to get advice about how to proceed after the bears fled to the tree. They advised that the mother bear and her cubs wait for the forest to clear before they leave.

Diane and OzzyImage Credit: Screenshot/winnipeg.ctvnews

Over the past few months there has been an increase number of bear sightings. Experts from the area claim it’s largely due to the lack of summer rainfall. 

“There’s a lot less water on the landscape for bears to access, so they’re out on the land looking for permanent sources of water,”Pauline Bloom is a Manitoba wildlife biologist.

Black Bear

It appears that people are likely to be more familiar with bear sightings now that they are more common. If you’re confronted by a bearSlowly walk or turn away. Don’t run or turn around. 

“We don’t believe that she was trying to be mean. She was just like, get away from my babies, and she made her point. And we said OK,”Diane shared. 

Featured image: Screenshot /winnipeg.ctvnews

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