Why do some dog breeds live longer than others?

You don’t even want to think about the day your beloved pooch is no longer by your side and crosses the rainbow bridge. It is better to focus on the here and now and allow your dog to live a healthy and happy life. But if you’re wondering where your own puppy is or you’re thinking of getting a certain type of dog, this is good information. Bottom line: size may matter when it comes to the dog’s longest lifespan. “There is a trend in mammals in general for smaller mammals to live longer,” says Catherine Lenox, DVM, veterinarian at Royal Canin. “There’s no clear reason for this – it could have something to do with the animal’s metabolism – but it seems to be true of dogs as well.” Other factors that are not relevant to size, such as poor genetics, unforeseen accidents, inadequate exercise, and sudden illness, also affect a dog’s lifespan.

According to Dr. Lenox will live the following 20 dog breeds for up to 15 years or more. While this is by no means an all-inclusive list, and there is no guarantee that every dog ​​listed here will live that long, there are ways you can help your dog live the longest and healthiest possible life. “Be proactive about preventive care, treat the illnesses with your vet if necessary, keep your dog in a normal body condition (not too heavy and not too thin) and feed a good quality, complete and balanced diet without too much lots of goodies, ”he advises Dr. Lenox. Now that we have the square, let’s see the cute pups!