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Canine stressed throughout quarantine? These trainers supply digital canine coaching



Canine stressed throughout quarantine? These trainers supply digital canine coaching

If you are at home with your dog 24/7 during the coronavirus pandemic and have uncovered some behavior issues in your pup, there is no time like quarantine to address those behaviors. You know, push it in the bud. Because of the way social distancing has transformed local businesses, you can address these behavioral concerns from the comfort of your own home. Now that most companies are adopting online structures, you can easily train your dog using Zoom and other virtual dog training.

Whether you’re working with an untrained puppy, a stubborn older dog, with anxiety issues, or just plain stubbornness, virtual dog training can help – here are some local trainers who offer virtual sessions.

All Day Dog Adventures currently offers online dog behavior counseling, online dog scent training, online personal training, online trick dog training and online puppy training, as well as standard online dog training courses.

While private one-on-one training and behavioral counseling use Zoom, online group courses are conducted online through a private Facebook group. Each class also provides time for a real-time question-and-answer session with your trainer.

Check out the online dog training courses and different options.

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Dog Life Hoboken is offering power-free, positive reinforcement training for dogs and puppies via virtual training units during the COVID-19 quarantine. Online sessions and courses are available through Zoom, as well as walk-and-train sessions and outside training that require proper social distancing precautions (outdoors is six feet at all times and one for all people Face covering required).

Dog Life Hoboken offers everything from obedience training to behavior change training to parent-to-be dog training and dog-baby, dog-toddler introductions.

To schedule an appointment or register for a virtual dog training session, contact Dog Life Hoboken.

Hudson Barks offers two types of virtual dog training: group and private training sessions. According to the website, “Current conditions call for creative solutions. Due to current social distancing measures, we’ve switched to remote counseling and training to help you with your dog’s training needs. This option may also be useful for people outside of our service area who want to consult with Hudson Barks. ”

Private virtual training services can be done either by phone or live video call. With FaceTime, Google Meet, and Zoom for live video options, Hudson Bark works with you in real time to cover any puppy or adult dog training and behavioral issues that apply to your puppy. A call or virtual session costs $ 100 for 1.5 hours. It includes a comprehensive summary of the session emailed and a follow-up email option to review progress. A duo of two calls or virtual sessions costs $ 180 for up to 1.5 hours each.

Puppy train

Alternatively, in virtual group classes, puppies, adolescent and adult dogs can be welcomed in personalized groups of up to four teams per session. These group sessions are available in three main categories: Puppy’s First Class, Adolescent Training, and Well-Manered Dog.

Puppy’s First Class offers six highly structured 45 minute sessions that are open to puppies under 20 weeks of age. In this class, the trainers will introduce basic cues like sitting, sitting, staying, leaving, touching (also known as aiming), eye contact, walking, coming, and more.

The youth training also includes six structured 45-minute sessions that are open to “youth” dogs aged six to 12 months or based on behavior. This class focuses on commands such as leave, take off, take, sit, sit, stay, remember, place, and leash training. Distractions are also introduced in these sessions as dogs need to ignore distractions and focus on the commands.

The well-manned dog is suitable for dogs over two years of age or based on their behavior. In these six 45-minute training units, dogs that have already completed preschool and youth / youth classes are familiarized with a different topic every week: mental stimulation at home, new types of activities or “tricks”, physical condition, nutrition, questions The trainer etc.

To sign up for a virtual group or private session, fill out a brief description of your dog’s behavior and information about Hudson Barks online. Alternatively, you can call Hudson Barks at 201-381-7084.

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Sit and Stay Dog Training and Behavioral Consulting LLC is owned by Joana Watsky, a positive, reward-based dog trainer and behavioral consultant who now offers online dog training in Northern New Jersey. Consultations and training with Watsky can be carried out over the phone, Skype and / or Zoom.

The website says, “While most of us are isolated in our homes due to the coronavirus, exercising in your home is a great way to relieve stress and is vital to your dog’s physical and mental stimulation. Online consultations are a valuable way to start or continue training, behavior change and support a small business. ”

Sit and Stay Dog Training offers help with puppy selection (if you are currently looking for a breeder to find a specific rescue dog to bring home), pre-puppy advice (help with buying and puppy-safe homes, crate training tips, Creating schedules etc} as well as online obedience training for puppies once they are home. Once the puppy is home, Sit and Stay can help with:

  • – care and nutrition
  • – Burglary
  • – mouth
  • – create boundaries
  • – How to communicate successfully
  • – How you can establish yourself as a caring and effective “parent”
  • – Understand basic dog and puppy behavior
  • – How to avoid behaviors in the event of conditioning problems
  • – Learn basic training tips

Online virtual training programs are also available for dogs of all ages. These training and behavior change sessions cover basic training and the following topics:

  • – How to communicate with your dog and build a positive relationship.
  • – house pollution
  • – Resource protection {protection of toys, bones, beds, etc.}
  • – Excessive barking
  • – Separation anxiety
  • – Fear fear

Before registering for a meeting, pet owners can email videos, pictures and written descriptions of their dogs’ behavior to [email protected] A 60-minute session costs $ 90. A 30-minute session costs $ 50.

Customers not only offer online dog training, but can also send unlimited further questions by email on all topics of the season. Watsky is also sending you follow-up articles and videos.

Call 201-933-3369 to schedule an online consultation.

After a virtual consultation with No Problem Dog Training, pet owners can choose the virtual training program where trainers and clients meet twice a week for 30 minutes per session via video call. Clients work with trainers to evaluate training goals. The trainers then use the help of a “demo dog” to demonstrate techniques. In addition to two sessions per week, clients are provided with a list of training tasks that includes tips for the daily interactions that dogs can use to achieve their training goals.

Contact No Problem Dog Training on the website to sign up.

virtual dog training Hudson County

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Of course, if you’d prefer a more cost-effective way of doing virtual dog training at home, you can always check out YouTube. There are several reputable YouTube channels devoted to creating virtual dog training content that can help you and your pup during your training journey. Check out some of our favorites below!

Austin Pets Alive!

Austin Pets Alive! offers online courses via YouTube for almost every level of dog training. You can find everything from Level 1 Dog Walking introductory videos to Click for Quiet, a method that lets you learn the Quiet command using a clicker. Austin Pets Alive! also has showcase videos of puppies currently up for adoption. You know, just in case you want to add another fur baby to your backpack.

McCann dog training

McCann Dog Training has everything from avoiding separation anxiety to top mistakes pet owners make when trying to train their pups. With over 280,000 subscribers, McCann Dog Training is definitely one of the online resources for dog training videos and tips (at least on YouTube!).

Zak Georges dog training revolution

Zak Georges Dog Training Revolution is another viable option for dog training videos a la YouTube. Zak George has a series on bringing a new puppy home, a series of tricks, and individual videos that answer some of the most common questions about dog training – from how to stop the puppy bite to training puppy house 101.

Do you know a virtual trainer? Let us know in the comments!

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