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Cargill Acquires AnimalBiome Pet Gut Health Business



cargill acquires animalbiome pet gut health business

Adapted to a press release:

Pet owners and veterinarians increasingly want more ways to ensure the health and wellbeing of pets, including a growing interest in allergy and gastrointestinal support, diagnosis and treatment. To accelerate the introduction of new products and insights into microbiome modulation in pets, Cargill announced an investment in AnimalBiome, the Oakland, Calif.-Based start-up that uses microbiome science to restore digestive and digestive tracts Skin problems in pets sets in.

Research has shown that having a balanced gut microbiome (the digestive system and how it handles food for nutrition and energy) is essential for overall health and longevity. When a pet’s microbiome is imbalanced, diarrhea, skin, immune, and weight problems develop, and treating uncomfortable symptoms can affect the quality of life for pets.

“At Cargill, we share AnimalBiome’s goal of helping pets live healthier lives,” said Jamie Dolynchuk, vice president of Health Technologies for Cargill. “AnimalBiome’s world-class microbiome sequencing and database make it an ideal partner in developing our microbiome insights platform for Cargill’s healthcare technology business and we look forward to enhancing our ability to co-develop new products and product research.”

AnimalBiome offers personalized health products and services based on the science of the microbiome to assess, restore, and maintain the gut health of cats and dogs. Twenty years of research on animal-microbe interactions by Holly Ganz, PhD., AnimalBiome co-founder and chief science officer, advanced AnimalBiome’s insights into the interconnection of the gut microbiome and pet health.

“Today we offer better solutions to rebalance the gut microbiome of pets through our home microbiome testing, personalized diet and supplement recommendations, and next-generation probiotics to restore key bacterial groups lost through antibiotic exposure.” Quite said.

“This far-reaching partnership with Cargill strengthens our clear leadership position in an exciting, growing market and will enable us to develop novel products that have a meaningful impact on cat and dog health,” said Carlton Osborne, co-founder and CEO of AnimalBiome. “Restoring and maintaining gut health is key to solving many acute and chronic animal health conditions that are costly, heartbreaking, and often preventable.”

AnimalBiome has a database of over 12,500 DNA samples (from 10,000 individual animals). Using advanced genome sequencing and data analysis, AnimalBiome has developed a healthy microbiome reference database for cats and dogs that enables a personalized approach to microbiome restoration and a guide to future product development.

Cargill’s move into digestive and immune health began in 2017 with the acquisition of Diamond V, an animal health company, and investment in Delacon’s phytogenic health solutions.

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