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Celeb Pets: Henry Cavill Does Press With His Beloved American Akita, Kal, By His Side



celeb pets: henry cavill does press with his beloved american

(Picture Credit GVK/BauerGriffin/GC Images & Alexander Tamargo via Getty Images

You might know Henry CavillYou may have heard of Superman, The Witcher, and Mission Impossible: Fallout. But do you know anything about his beloved? American Akita, Kal?

KESQ says CavillHe recently appeared on Lorraine, a British talk-show where he gave credit to his dog for his mental health.

Kal, was present for the video interview — and for all of Cavill’s interviews that day — as the actor promoted the upcoming second season of The Witcher remotely.

He just wanted to be with his dog. We can’t blame him.

The American Akita That Stole Superman’s Heart

CavillLorraine Kelly hosted the Lorraine Kelly Show, where he made it very clear that Kal is a crucial part of his family. This is something you probably already know if you follow him via Instagram. He posts many pictures of Kal.

“He really is (my best friend),” CavillHe said this as he gave Kal his pet. “We go everywhere together. He’s eight now and he has saved my emotional, psychological bacon plenty of times.”

During the interview CavillKal even got distracted. This prompted him to share an Instagram post. He quotes himself in the caption. “No no you have my fullllll attention…”

He continues to write. “…the interviewer did indeed have my full attention. The bond Kal and I share is so second nature by now that some light affection like this is all instinct.”

Instagram is worth following, just for Kal

While CavillThanking everyone for their help, he expressed appreciation to Kal and wished to meet everyone next year.

HisThe captions regarding his dog were also quite funny.

Another post by his press was captioned as follows: “I’ve trained Kal (he’s the one in the black and white fur coat) to pretend to be a taxidermied dog so that he can burst into life in the event of a tricky question.”

And then there’s this post that’s just all about Kal, for International Dog Day.

“Happy International Dog Day, everyone!” Cavill writes. “For those that don’t know, this is Kal. He’s an American Akita, 7 years old, and behaves like a puppy half the time and a wise old man the other half.”

Already a fan of Henry Cavill, and I’m personally counting down the days to The Witcher‘s season two, December 17th, premier, but now, he’s even cooler.

What do YOU think of the connection? Henry CavillHe has with his American Akita? You would follow him on Instagram to see his puppy pictures? Leave a comment below.