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Crixus needs your help and he is running out time



crixus needs your help and he is running out of

Last updated 9/4/21

Crixus was rescued under the wire with just a few hours before his 72 hour notice expired. Shadow Husky Rescue, Inc was there to help Crixus, along with many other amazing volunteers, after he was released from the shelter. This adorable, sassy boy can now find a forever home.

Crixus, however, was very lucky and he was saved just as he was about to die. This isn’t the fate for so many other incredible dogs who are put down before they can find a loving home. 

Image Credit: Tim McVicker / Facebook

How to help Crixus Dogs

We are sure you love animals. That’s why you’re reading this post. So you’re likely wondering what you can do to help shelter dogs. 

Fostering can make a huge difference. When a dog is taken from a shelter, there is always a place for another dog. Fostering can save lives. Check out your local animal shelter’s website for an application and their list of requirements for fostering.

Sometimes rescues post a list of the most urgent items on their website. Any cash donations are greatly appreciated. Any amount can be used to purchase the most urgent items that rescues require. Rescues have the best chance of obtaining and maintaining valuable resources if they raise enough money.

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It’s free to share photos on social media. It helps dogs get rescued. Please share your thoughts as often as you feel inclined.

Remind others that dogs can be lifelong family members. Only encourage them to adopt if they are ready to do so. Adoption can be very difficult for the pup. They begin to bond with their forever family and it is a traumatizing experience. “returned.”Dogs deserve love, patience, understanding, and respect just like any human family member.  

Original Post

Crixus is in desperate need of your assistance and has run out of time. Crixus was given 72 hours notice. This means that if Crixus isn’t adopted or fostered within that time, he will be euthanized. Unfortunately, shelters and rescues have limited resources to care for homeless animals. Shelters often have to make difficult decisions because they are overcrowded and underfunded.

More than anything, they wish they didn’t have to do this. They want to save as many animal lives as possible. There are many dogs who need homes, but there are not enough spaces.

Crixus Meets Crixus

The beautiful Siberian Husky is three years old. He is already neutered and weighing in at 40 pounds. Crixus is a beautiful Husky that loves treats but is easily scared. 

CrixusImage Credit: Tim McVicker / Facebook

“Crixus should ALWAYS be on leash outside of the home, and needs to be supervised while in the yard to make sure that he does not escape as he will panic and be very difficult to catch,”Shares Baldwin Park Animal Care Center.

Crixus at The Shelter: Why?

Transport Image Credit: Tim McVicker / Facebook

His past humans said that he was extremely afraid and may need professional training. He will need a family who is patient and loves him. His family must be willing to slow down with him. 

“The adopting party needs to be aware that Crixus is very fearful of new people, and it takes him a long time to become comfortable with new people and new surroundings,” shares Baldwin Park Animal Care Center.

Crixus, a sweet and curious boy, needs someone to help him. Someone must act quickly, otherwise Crixus’ life will be cut short. 

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Tim McVicker / Facebook

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