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Dog found on Mississippi road with cable wrapped around so tightly that leg was almost severed, officials say – Magnolia State Live



dog found on mississippi road with cable wrapped around so

A Rottweiler found Monday on a Mississippi road had a cable wrapped around her leg so tightly that her foot was almost severed, said Investigator Karen Ewing of the Adams County Sheriff’s Office.

Ewing claimed that the cable was tied so tightly that it looked deliberate.

“I don’t know if it was to be mean or if someone tried to restrain her and she got off,” Ewing stated. “It just about severed her leg.”

Ewing stated that the dog disappeared for about a month and was later found in this state by people who had been looking for her.

Shannon Wilson from Cutting Edge Glass, Morgantown Road, where the dog was found, stated that the dog used come to the shop with another dog, and she would feed them.

“She never would let me get close to pet her but I would put food out for them. We have a Rottweiler and always thought that this Rottweiler could’ve been the sister to mine. She is a sweet dog. I would share my dog food with them,” She said.

Wilson said she fed the dog for about a year before noticing she hadn’t seen the dog in the last month. Wilson finally found her dog on Monday.

“Her foot looked like it was just hanging by the cable like it had been there a while,” Wilson spoke up. “I didn’t know what to do for her so I called the sheriff’s office … She will have to have surgery. I believe she is going to be saved, but they will have to amputate her leg.”

Tracey Peltier of Southside Veterinary Clinic received the dog.

Ewing stated that officers are not able to determine who injured the dog. It is still being investigated.

“She roams and went everywhere,” Ewing expressed concern for the dog.

Ewing said even through her pain, the dog was sweet and didn’t mind being petted.

“Whoever did this is horrible,” She said. “She isn’t a mean dog. She might chase a few cats but what dog doesn’t? Nothing she could’ve done would warrant someone tying a cable around her leg, and you can tell it was deliberate.”

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