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Dog owners appalled at the food that was purposely laced with rusty screws and metal



A dog owner had to drag her pet away at the last moment when it wanted to eat dog food that had been purposely laced with rusty screws and sharp metal.

Emma Pulford, 31, of Gateacre, said she discovered the food that was left on the corner of Halewood Road and Orient Drive on March 27.

The adult helper was taking her two-year-old rescue dog Sooty and her seven-year-old dachshund Benny for a walk when Sooty started pulling on his leash.

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Emma said, “It was literally at the end of my street. One of my dogs, Sooty, he is a rescue and he will eat all kinds of food.

“He pulled me in – that was the only reason I saw it.”

Emma said Sooty was about to devour the food when she managed to stop him at the last second.

She said, “I thought, ‘Oh God, someone brought out dog food.’ But then I looked more and saw all the bits and pieces in it.

“It was obviously on purpose, it wasn’t a coincidence. It was mixed in and hidden well. Metal parts and rusty screws.

Emma Pulford said the food with screws and sharp bits of metal was found on the corner of Halewood Road and Orient Drive in Gateacre
(Image: Emma Pulford)

“He’s stupid as a paintbrush and he probably would have eaten it if I hadn’t withdrawn it!”

She added, “I took it home and came back and took it all in. It was about a tote bag worth c ***.”

Emma took away a tote bag with the laced food and disposed of it
(Image: Emma Pulford)

Emma said the food was placed on an overgrown lawn so it was well hidden from the public.

She later posted on Facebook to warn other dog owners of the disturbing find.

She said, “When I posted the pictures, someone commented that there were foxes in the area.

“Now I’ve seen about two there in all my years so I couldn’t see why they would, and it was typical nibble dog food.

Emma Pulford, of Gateacre, had to drag her two-year-old rescue dog Sooty away when he tried to eat dog food that was

The two-year-old rescue dog Sooty with the seven-year-old dachshund Benny
(Image: Emma Pulford)

“It’s not that there is a lot of dog poop, but when you walk around this area a lot of people have made hand-made signs saying you need to clean up your dog poop.

“I don’t know if someone had enough one day and decided to do it.”

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Emma said she now checks the area every day to make sure there was purposely no food left to harm another dog.

She added, “I find it disgusting and shocking to be honest with you. Animals are the most innocent things in the world, and doing that on purpose is just bad.

“Even if it was for the foxes, it’s completely unnecessary.”