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Dog owners sent warning as new research claims dry pet food has hidden dangers | Science | News



dog owners sent warning as new research claims dry pet

The report also claimed that six of the 10 brands were found to use vegetable oil in their dry food as a means of extending its shelf life.

Although some oils like olive and flax oil are deemed safe for dog consumption, vegetable oils have been linked to adverse health reactions when consumed in high concentrations.

Oils containing soybean and corn products, in particular, have been linked to issues like tummyache.

Seven of the 10 brands were also said to have been found to contain at least 10 different vitamin and mineral additives.

According to ProDog, these are included in the dry food to make up for the lacking natural alternatives.

However, there is some concern this could lead to hypervitaminosis and mineral excess.

This was the case in 2019 when Hill’s Pet Nutrition issued a voluntary recall of canned dog foods over elevated levels of vitamin D.

The recall was investigated by the US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) after reports of dogs experiencing vitamin D toxicity.

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