Romee, the puppy, was badly burned when he was rushed to a veterinary clinic in Cincinnati, Ohio. According to the Cincinnati Animal CARE Humane Society, the puppy has been treated more than 50 times since it was rushed to Anderson Hills Animal Care Hospital five months ago.

Although Romee has a few more procedures to go, he is getting stronger every day and soon he will have a new purpose to work towards. Romee will soon begin training for his new life’s work: “A therapy dog ​​for children in burn units.”

“Since he is [Romee’s] Apparently he was in the cremation department himself, “Hamilton County Dog Warden Captain Brandon Corcoran told WKRC.” I think kids will get very excited when they go through something really difficult. “

The Cincinnati Animal CARE Humane Society said it learned about Romee after Dr. Tammie Smith of Anderson Hills Animal Care Hospital treated the dog. The shelter said the case was investigated quickly and successfully pursued.

According to the WKRC, Romee’s previous owner was convicted of animal cruelty in January and will be on probation for three years. The owner also has to pay more than $ 15,000 for Romee’s medical bills, People magazine reported.

On their Facebook page, the humane society thanked Corcoran for “being a voice for animals in need”. The humane society accepts donations that will be used for the recovery of Rome.


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