If you are looking to adopt a dog, it is best to start with a small breed of dog. So, here are some popular small dog breeds that are cute, smart, active, protective, and friendly. Find their names and behavioral traits.

8 Popular Small Dog Breeds For All New Pet Owners

Are you planning to adopt a small dog? Then there are many options for them. Small dogs are cute and easy to handle for the new pet owner. Here are the most popular small dog breeds below.

Popular Small Dog Breeds For Adoption:


This is the smallest and smartest breed of dog. This spaniel makes a great family dog ​​and has lots of energy to burn off. So you can easily take it out and play with it for a long time.

Mini poodle

Mini Poodles are a great breed that are smart, smart and very fond of their owners.


Little Pomeranians look cute with their fluffy coat. These puppies are very playful and friendly. If you are a new pet owner this breed is good for you.

Maltese Shih Tzu

The white, fluffy dog ​​is one of the most protective dogs that can live up to 20 years. They are also quite a friendly dog ​​who loves to play and chat with their owners.

Jack Russel terrier

It is an independent, smart, active, and perfect family dog ​​who loves to protect loved ones. But they need to stay active both physically and mentally.


These puppies are extremely small and a smart breed. The positive side of adopting this breed is that they don’t have to walk too much.


Pug is the most common and popular small breed of dog with a cute short nose and wrinkled skin. They are a very social breed that doesn’t require a lot of physical exercise.

French bulldog

It’s a crossbreed that became the most popular dog in Australia in 2017. They don’t need a lot of exercise and they don’t do well in a warmer climate because they can’t regulate their body heat.

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