When it comes to food, calling my dog ​​”picky” would be an understatement. In fact, for years Beau wouldn’t even eat in front of me, you know, the person who feeds him.

I’d hand out expensive, grain-free nibbles before going to work. . . and i would return to a full bowl. He started eating soon after I got home, but when I walked into the room, he stopped immediately. It was like he didn’t want to seem enjoying his meal, just in case I suddenly whipped out a steak (which obviously never happened).

Over the years I have tried a wide variety of packaged pet food brands and it has acted the same on all of them. Because he did eat, I wasn’t as worried, but it still wasn’t exactly the reaction I had ever seen an animal respond to mealtime.

Then, a few years ago on Summer Streets, we came across a booth for Ollie, a human-quality dog ​​food company that delivers straight to your home. I hesitated to let Beau try, as he also has a sweet habit of taking a treat from a stranger. . . then spit it out immediately and walk away. I brought home a pack instead, took it out for his dinner, and the rest is history.

Learn ahead of time how he reacted to his first taste of Ollie, why we both love it now, and how he’ll behave when it’s meal time today (bonus blurry photo and video included).