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Fire brigade therapy dog ​​sniffs out the stress of their employees



fire brigade therapy dog ​​sniffs out the stress of their

Studies show that approximately 1 in 5 firefighters suffers from the often debilitating effects of PTSD. Many firefighters report mental health deteriorating over the past year as the issues of pandemics and social justice impact an already stressful job.

Thanks to an adorable pup, the Charlotte Fire Department is trying to change that!

The hero of a hero

Meet Lady Catherine or Cat as her brothers and sisters like to call her. The only thing more adorable than Cat herself is the way her arrival in the ranks of Charlotte FD has been announced.

@ CharlotteFire / Instagram

Blaze, the department’s dog mascot, announced that he would be a big brother in May 2020. For a year now, Cat has been helping the heroes under Charlotte’s turn to fight their own fires that rage within themselves.

@ CharlotteFire / Instagram

Everyone is equally important in a fire brigade

While Cat may not be holding the nozzle or pulling blankets, she has an equally (and arguably more important) role to play. She is a certified therapy dog ​​and needs to make sure that her brothers and sisters in blue are fine.

“As soon as I see her get out of the car” I’m like Cat, hey how are you? “Fireman EJ McCormick told Fox 46.

During her first year of service, Cat visited all 42 Charlotte fire stations and every shift at each of those stations! She has also completed more than 150 wellness therapy visits.

How does Cat do her job?

Much like a firefighter’s finely tuned nose can smell the difference between an electric fire or a brush fire, Cat’s nose was trained to sense stress. She can literally smell stress hormones on people, which signals to her that her firefighter friends may need help.

@ CharlotteFire / Instagram

“She doesn’t know what’s going on, she doesn’t know if there are problems at home, stress with your kids, if it’s work-related stress, she just knows you’re not feeling well,” said Rick, Dunton’s Cat Handler.

When Cat smells stress, she goes up to that person and leans on them. Cat somehow allows her body to merge with this person so that she can soak up all of her love. This gives the firefighters the opportunity to release some of their pent-up stress and release those feel-good chemicals into their brains. After all, studies show that petting a dog or looking in the eyes releases serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin – the perfect trio of brain chemistry for happiness!

Cat also helps children in their free time

When Cat is not busy allaying the worries of her firefighters, she also helps the department with fire safety training. Kids love her and she is pretty amazing at keeping them busy!

“When it can stop, fall and roll, crawling under smoke, feeling the door feel like heat, going to a meeting place and sitting there and waiting for the whole family. If she can do all of this, they will remember it for the rest of their lives, ”said Dunton.

@ CharlotteFire / Instagram

What is more powerful than four paws and a wagging tail?

The Charlotte Fire Department recognizes the need to address the mental health of its members. You are setting an incredible example for other departments when it comes to protecting their own.

“Mental health is part of your physical health. If you are not sane, it has all sorts of physical effects on you,” said Dunton.

The Charlotte Fire Department’s K-9 program is funded entirely through grants, fundraisers, and donations. With that in mind, they looked for ways to expand their K-9 program. What is more powerful than four paws and a wagging tail? Eight paws and two wagging tails! Moron!

@ CharlotteFire / Instagram

Recently, Cat became the big sister of another new therapy dog ​​named Phoenix. Phoenix, a name that symbolizes someone rising from the ashes, has been busy showing her firefighter family the love they need to continue to be a hero, and Cat has been busy showing Phoenix the ropes! This dynamic duo is changing the future of fire departments across the country, one fuzzy hug after another.

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Featured photo: CharlotteFire / Instagram

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Your dog could appear on the Dogtopia 2022 calendar



your dog could appear on the dogtopia 2022 calendar

Dogs Of Dogtopia Calendar contestSource link

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Stolen service dog and broken hearted person share beautiful reunion



stolen service dog and broken hearted person share beautiful reunion

Aaron Morris and his service dog Jolene are inseparable. Morris is struggling with his mental health, so his loving Pit Bull is always there to comfort him. Without Jolene, Morris feels lost and heartbroken.

One day his worst nightmare came alive. Someone stole their car with their phone, medication, and Jolene in it! However, all of his other stolen belongings seemed insignificant compared to the dog. All he wanted was Jolene back, no questions asked. He wasn’t himself without his service dog to cheer him up. Fortunately, their breakup didn’t last long.

Image: Aaron Morris Facebook

Everything is falling apart

Morris let his car run while he ran into the gas station. During this time, a man approached the car and looked at it, but then walked away. After that, Morris drove to the Dollar General across the street, and the suspect followed in his own car. When Morris walked in, the suspect stole his car and drove off with some of his important belongings. Unfortunately Jolene was gone.

Without his medication and his loyal service dog, Morris became incredibly anxious. Usually Jolene could cheer him up at such times. Morris’ sister tried to comfort him, but she said he was not acting like himself and refused to eat until Jolene was found.

Pit bull service dogImage: Aaron Morris Facebook

“I don’t know if she’s eating,” said Morris. “I’ll eat when she gets home.”

Security videos captured images of the suspect and his car. The thief has not yet been located, but if anyone has information they are urged to call the Haywood County Sheriff’s Office in North Carolina.

wanted car and dog thiefImage: @ HaywoodNCSheriff / Facebook

An emotional reunion

A few days after the robbery, someone found Jolene on the streets. They placed her at the Morristown Hamblen Humane Society in Tennessee. The shelter staff tried to call the number on their tags, but no one answered as Morris’ phone was in the stolen car. But the shelter did not give up. They knew someone had to look for this loving dog so they turned to Facebook to find Jolene’s family.

“My brother is a matter of life and death, he doesn’t talk normally,” said Morris’ sister Ashley Adevai. “I’m very worried about him if the dog doesn’t come back.”

Pit bull kissesImage: @ morristownhamblenhumane / Facebook

In fact, someone on social media managed to reunite Jolene with Morris. The shelter has recorded a hearty video in which the pit bull rushes to her human and showered him with kisses. Your life is whole again.

Officials are still on the lookout for Morris’ car, but Morris doesn’t seem too worried. The only thing that matters to him is that Jolene is safe. Items can be replaced, but dogs are family members.

Watch the video of the warm reunification here:

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Featured image: @ morristownhamblenhumane / Facebook

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Suspect wanted after gruesome murders Rock Rural Indiana



suspect wanted after gruesome murders rock rural indiana

WARNING: Disruptive content. Discretion advised.

A number of crimes have rocked the Putnam County, Indiana community. Murders are rare in the county, with a population below 40,000. Putnam County is a place where people raise their children. It’s a quaint community where you can leave doors unlocked and not have to worry. That was until now.

Now the locals fear for their loved ones and the future of the peaceful, rural community they call home. The Putnam County Sheriff’s Office posted a statement on Facebook about a series of violent murders that rocked the department to the core.

“Detectives were busy handling a serious case in the sheriff’s office this morning. Colonel Matt Demmings came across this gruesome scene right in front of his office around 11 am, ”they recently wrote. “The suspect tore apart two innocent rabbit victims and left their stuffed entrails scattered in the hallway.”

@ PutnamCountySheriffIndiana / Facebook

Shocking evidence found at the scene makes detectives shudder

Sheriff MPs quickly began combing the scene for evidence and were shocked by what they found.

“Investigators at the crime scene found traces of“ puppy food ”at the crime scene. In addition, a witness was able to provide a grainy photo of a possible suspect. During an interview with detectives, Colonel Demmings stated that he didn’t hear any excitement outside of the office. We believe that the suspect is working in secret. “

Much to the nation’s shock, the sheriff’s department released another statement regarding a previous rabbit murder. This gruesome scene happened just a few days earlier. They believe both incidents are related.

@ PutnamCountySheriffIndiana / Facebook

“At this point, with the overabundance of evidence, investigators are certain that both incidents are NOT random in nature. Investigators are currently profiling the suspect in the hopes that he can be properly identified.

Police publish profile of a suspected hare killer

The suspect, a young yellow Labrador, was spotted in the area of ​​the crime scene. He is also said to have been the suspect in a series of armed drooling that took place last month. The sheriff’s department issued a BOLO for the four-legged criminal.

@ PutnamCountySheriffIndiana / Facebook

Here’s what detectives the community want to know and be on guard:

  • The suspect is likely to be disorganized and easily distracted.
  • These attacks are random in nature. The innocent bunnies were probably just in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  • The suspect would likely fit in well with the law enforcement environment. It’s probably someone we know.
  • The suspect is a secret opportunistic criminal. He probably lacks any shame or guilt for his crimes.
  • Our suspect clearly has an appetite for more than just food.
  • He may have smelly breath and be called “a good boy”.

Social media detectives use Facebook to share their opinions. Many agree that the murders are apparently a plan, as no one believes a lab would leave a bite of food uneaten.

@ PutnamCountySheriffIndiana / Facebook

To protect yourself, stay vigilant and pick up any cute stuffed animals, shoes, pillows, and bags off the floor and place them in a safe place. In addition, if you see the bunnycide suspect, the police are warning that you should call them. Do not approach him! If his breath doesn’t drive you out, his fierce kisses surely will!

h / t: @ PCSD / Facebook

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