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Former nurse creates genius dog training toy that’ll help your hound’s mental health



former nurse creates genius dog training toy that’ll help your

Northumberland dog lover and trainer, Annette McKinney, believes she has the answer for dog owners who have lost their minds trying to train their pets.

Eve Jones, 36, is now an entrepreneur. She invented a product that she claims can increase obedience, reduce anxiety, and strengthen the bond between dog and human.

Bonus, the Cramlington mom-of-two’s tool for training dogs, allows dog owners to give small amounts of soft food to their dogs as treats on-the-go.

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Eve states that the product is reusable and easy to clean. She also says it can be filled up with healthy treats to make it easier to track what your dog is eating.

The treats can be made with wet dog food or dog pate. She says that dogs love the treat’s unique nature and delivery method, which makes it more useful than dry treats.

After struggling to find a product similar to her Mave, a cocker spaniel she trained, she decided to create it herself.

She stated that she was concerned about the additives in dry dog treats. Mave was not interested in these treats, so I tried to find a way to reward her with high-value food that she would like and foods I knew were safe for her health.

“I couldn’t find any, so I made sandwich bags of peanut butter and stuck my fingers in them for her to lick. I talked to others who used similar methods, using things they had made in their kitchen. Many dog owners are looking for something like this.

Eve Jones created the product after she couldn’t find something like it for her pet dog.

Attached to a lanyard that can be clipped onto a belt or led, the dispensers are in visible colours so that dogs see the promise of a reward, increasing the focus on the trainer during any training activity.

While it might seem like a simple solution Eve believes it can make a huge difference for many dog owners.

She stated that “with the boom in new puppies and dogs through lockdown, there are many owners who are struggling to train their dog, especially those with separation anxiety.”

“There are people who pull their hair out and I believe working with Bonus could help.

“The response was amazing. People are able to instantly see it in action and it is very simple. I have a seven-year old boy who uses it every day with our dog.

Eve, a former mental health nurse has now dedicated her time to her new product. She says that her experience with people is a benefit to her new job.

She said, “I believe mental health in dogs should be talked about a lot more.”

Eve said that Mave, her dog and cocker spaniel, loves her invention.

Bonus can help alleviate anxiety and stress.

“Licking for a dog can be self-soothing and they will come close to their owner to get the treat.” Mave recently needed to get her first haircut. Bonus helped ease her anxiety.

Eve said that spending time with animals is also thought to improve mental health. This could help you feel better about yourself.

Priced at £6.99 per dispenser, Bonus can be purchased at

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