Do you fancy a puppy? Or have you already introduced a fur baby into your life? You may think it’s all cuddles, kisses, and wobbly cocks, but the reality is that these cute doggie-eyed fluff balls can wreak havoc in your home.

Be prepared for all of the joys puppies can bring – their cuteness, of course – from chewing your favorite furniture to the postman barking. Thankfully, we’re here to help, and we’ve put together a list of the best products, tips, and tricks to help you train your new pup.

If you’re looking for expert advice and hands-on training tips, the Dogs Trust Dog School is open for business. The expert trainers offer virtual classes to help you understand your pooch better and avoid common behavior problems.

Louisa Ferrari, Dog School Manager at Dogs Trust explains, “When you train your dog, you learn how to fit in as best as possible with your lifestyle. While lockdown restrictions mean many of us can’t attend dog training in person, that doesn’t mean you can’t practice at home with our fun, informative training classes.

“We always recommend using reward-based methods on your dog as this makes the training fun and enjoyable and strengthens the bond between you and your dog,” he adds. “Treats are essential to rewarding your dog when they display desirable behavior. ON Clicker is a small mechanical handheld device that you can use to let your dog know when he’s done something right, often followed by a reward as a reward. Snuff mats are a fantastic way to keep your dog occupied the first time you leave him alone and use one dishes is friendlier if your dog has not yet mastered walking on a leash and is likely to pull or pull on it. “

Below is our selection of the best dog training tools


Puppia Soft Harness

When it’s time for your little ones to take their first steps in the great outdoors, comfortable harnesses are essential – especially if you have a die-hard hiker on your hands. You may have seen many puppies in the park wearing puppy harnesses and it’s not hard to see why these accessories are so popular with the canine community.

The Puppia Soft Harness is easy to put on and take off, and the mesh material makes it super light and comfortable for your new furry friend. Best of all, it’s expandable so a single harness should fit your pup as he grows to full size.


Cuddly puppy toy

Well, this may look like any old stuffed animal, but this clever toy is designed to provide comfort and reduce anxiety and stress. Its unique feature includes a battery-powered beating heart insert that restores intimacy and human interaction to keep your pooch calm.

Whether you are leaving your puppy alone for the first time or just trying to have a good night, this cuddly puppy is the perfect solution for all your dog’s needs.


PetSafe Clik-R training tool

Training your new BFF takes persistence and dedication, but the end results can be life changing for both sides. Clicker training is a reward-based method that relies on persistence, repetition, and positive reinforcement.

The clicker makes a quick, clear and steady sound when pressed to give a signal when your dog is receiving the correct command and a reward is on the way. As soon as your dog understands that the click indicates good behavior, almost everything is “paw-capable”.


Puppy KONG toy

If you are thinking about crate training, or have already started and are struggling, this smart toy will help make the time more enjoyable, rather than something your pooch will fear.

The Puppy KONG toy is specially tailored to baby teeth and can help to teach appropriate chewing behavior. This multifunctional toy is made from a natural rubber formula that gives it an irregular crack – great for keeping those playful pups at bay. Be sure to fill the toy with puppy nibbles and a dash of peanut butter to keep them busy and happy in their crate.


Lily’s kitchen puppy treats

Lily’s Kitchen is a one-stop shop for all of your dog food and treats. Their specially formulated puppy treats are the ideal way to help your pup learn everything from “paw” to “roll over” and to keep their tummy healthy and full for longer.

Your new (and furryest) family member will enjoy these delicious snacks and they come with a wide variety of flavors. To top it off, all of Lily’s Kitchen’s goodies are resealable – great to slip into your pocket and reward your pup on the go.


Zak Georges dog training revolution

The library is open and it’s time to learn some top tips from YouTube sensation and Animal Planet personality, Zak George. This book tailors the training methods to suit your dog’s unique needs, resulting in faster results and, overall, a much happier puppy.

Zak has distilled the information from his hundreds of training videos and summarized it in this comprehensive guide. Topics include; Choosing the Right Dog for You, Home Schooling and Basic Training, Dealing with Bad Behavior Problems, Health Care and More.

This must-have book is also a bestseller on Amazon – until then.


Rocco & Roxie stain and odor removal

During a puppy’s first year, you have to be prepared for a lot of accidents around the house, which can mean endless cleanups. With five star ratings, this pet stain and odor remover works wonders on even the toughest pet stains. It is also safe to use around pets and children.

From carpets and furniture to clothing and floors, this life-saving product will keep your home sparkling clean and smelling its best.


EASTLION Bungee Dog strong lead training leash

This is a great guide to training your pup on how to stay and get back to you. It gives you a little more room to walk away while staying in charge and in control. Dogs Trust trainers recommend tying the leash to a harness instead of your dog’s collar when exercising so that they don’t injure themselves when pulling or pulling.


Dog Treat Pouch Bag with Poop Bag Holder, Clicker and collapsible travel food or Water Pet Bowl

Treat bags are very practical and can be carried around the waist so you can easily access the treats inside while keeping them safe. Having treats on hand can reward your dog for displaying desirable behaviors and help him relate positively to what he has learned. This includes a clicker, poop bag holder, collapsible pet bowl, and plenty of room for your keys, phone, and other essentials.


AWOOF Dog Snuffle feeding mat

Snuff mats are often used as interactive toys to encourage your pup’s natural behavior and to both stimulate and entertain them.

Just hide treats on the mat and your dog will sniff at them and be rewarded with tasty treats. Perfect for keeping your little one busy while you get started with work or chores!


There are many resources available on the Dogs Trust website. More information about the dog school’s virtual training courses can be found here.