CHURCH HILL – A Hawkins County man was charged Sunday with two grievous bodily harm and reckless endangerment after allegedly pointing a shotgun at his neighbors during a confrontation over the killing of neighbors’ cattle.

After the incident, the neighbor gathered his family together and went to Kingsport fearing he would be shot by Phillip Ray Williams, 60, 900 Okalona Road, near Church Hill.

The victim told Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office Cpl. Michael Allen that he was woken by their chickens on Sunday and went outside to spot Williams’ dogs hunting his cattle.

The neighbor said he fired three shots in the ground to scare off a white dog and then heard another dog at the chicken coup. He fired three more times and a German shepherd ran out of the coup and across the street.

The neighbor then put his gun away and was on his way to speak to Williams about the dogs that killed his animals. However, when he got out on the street, Williams reportedly was holding a red pickup truck with a short shotgun in hand.

“He (the neighbor) said the gun was pointed at him and his wife, and Phil said,” I’m sick of you “and that if he shot his dogs, he would shoot the neighbor,” Allen stated in his report . “They had several minutes of heated argument. (The neighbor) said he was afraid for his life and that of his wife during the encounter and repeatedly tried to de-escalate the situation by changing the subject. He told Mr. Williams that he didn’t want to argue with him like the Hatfields and McCoys did, and that he just wanted him to keep his dogs away from his property (the neighbor’s). “

The neighbor told Allen that he warned Williams that it was against the law for your dogs to roam free.

Williams allegedly replied that he lived in the country and didn’t have to obey the law. Williams also reportedly stated that the neighbor should better rear their cattle therefore the dogs cannot get them so easily.

Allen stated in his report that Williams eventually set up the shotgun and allegedly stated that he had no problem taking care of the neighbor.

Williams was tried in Hawkins County Sessions Court Monday morning and was released from Hawkins County Jail shortly after noon.