DETROIT (WXYZ) – A small dog known today as “Miracle” or Alfonso is fine after being stranded in the cold on Mud Island off the Detroit River for several days, a local veterinarian said Sunday.

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“He’s doing pretty well this morning,” said Dr. Greear from Woodhaven Animal Hospital.

The puppy was rescued Saturday afternoon after miraculously staying outside on the ice for four days in freezing Michigan temperatures after being chased by a coyote.

“We could basically get him groomed just to get the big hair off of him and we wear a sweater over him,” Greear said. “We’re not letting him go outside just because he’s been outside for so long.”

In the future, doctors will continue to do blood tests on dogs. He will then go back to the hyperbaric chamber.

“I just know there are a lot of people who are worried about this guy,” said Dr. Greear. “He still has IV fluids and we will keep everyone updated as best we can.”

The identity of the dog’s owner is still being established as animal control and the shelter must follow guidelines to confirm.

In addition, according to the Animal Resource Funding Foundation, which issued the statement, there are no official GoFundMe accounts for the puppy: “We don’t know of any additional GFM. The Animal Resource Funding Foundation has agreed to cover medical care for Alfonso / Miracle for the River Rouge Animal Shelter. “