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Hottest giant canine breeds | traits



Adding a dog to a home can be an important decision. Aspiring owners will need to consider, among other things, what breed size they have room for. How much time can you devote to your newcomer? and especially concerns such as exercise needs, dandruff, health issues, and climate. It is certainly not an easy decision – and yet many people do. According to the ASPCA, around 3.3 million dogs end up in animal shelters every year. Of these dogs, it is estimated that only 620,000 strays are being returned to their owners, which means that many of these pups will be abandoned after their owners determine that they cannot properly care for them.

Stacker is here to help hopeful dog owners with their all-important pre-puppy research. Using data from the American Kennel Club’s dog profiles, we’ve compiled a list of the 30 most popular large dog breeds.

To be considered for this list, the maximum size of any dog ​​must be at least 25 inches and their maximum weight must be at least 70 pounds. The dogs are ranked based on their 2019 AKC Popularity Rating, which was published in 2020. While this is in no way the authoritative source for selecting a new canine companion, it is intended to serve as an aid in this search.

From American favorites like Collies and Chesapeake Bay Retrievers to increasingly popular foreign breeds like Borzois and Akitas, there is sure to be a breed that will grab your attention and care about you.

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