DEARBORN HEIGHTS, me. – A 57-year-old man and his dog were killed in a house fire in Dearborn Heights on Friday.

Investigators are investigating the cause of the fire on Currier Street. The homeowner was identified as Robert Wolfe.

The neighbors noticed heavy smoke and called 911. A neighbor even ran to the back door when a window exploded from the heat.

“We searched quickly and found that the resident was trapped inside. They pulled him and found he passed away, ”said Dave Brogan, Dearborn Heights fire chief.

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Officials said Wolfe was found in the kitchen and it appears that is where the fire started.


“There could have been some disease that played a role, but it’s too early to judge,” Brogan said.

A family friend said Wolfe has diabetes and is struggling with episodes of low blood sugar that caused him to pass out while he was in the hospital this week.

Unfortunately, Wolfe’s Doberman named Kaiser was also found in the house.

“It was just him and his dog who lived there. It was more than a family pet. His whole house was devoted to toys for the dog. You can see by talking to the neighbors that he was very close to this dog. It’s just a sad story, ”Brogan said.

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