A family of four and several pets no longer have a home after a night fire in Miramar on Thursday.

Carlos Perez, who has lived in the apartment with his family for nearly 20 years, tried to put out the fire with a hose before rescue workers arrived. The incident occurred around 1:30 a.m. on the 7900 block of Miramar Blvd.

“It just hit me … look at the smoke,” said Perez.

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Perez said his family and five dogs could safely escape the house without injuries. He added that smoke overwhelmed him as flames engulfed the residence.

“I tried walking back in and was forced out by the heat and smoke, even though I threw myself on the floor to save my home,” he said.

The Red Cross said its team had responded to house fires in south Florida at an alarming rate.

In 2020, the organization responded to more than 631 house fires.

You’re supposed to check your smoke alarms monthly, change batteries, and come up with an escape plan in your household that evacuates all in less than two minutes.

Perez said firefighters said it was an electric fire. The house had only been renovated a few months ago.

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