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How Your Dog Can Assist Diabetics



MADISON (WKOW) – Does your dog have diabetes?

ENDSULIN, a gene therapy company, is looking for diabetic dogs to participate in a study to explore a treatment that could reduce or even eliminate insulin injections.

The Madison-based company said this study could advance one-time treatment for diabetes in both dogs and humans.

“We hope to free families who take care of their diabetic pets around the clock,” said Hans Sollinger, founder of ENDSULIN. “Restoring independence to dogs and their families is a step in our mission to do the same for millions of people with diabetes.”

The procedure that is being examined takes about 30 minutes and is performed by a certified veterinarian. ENDSULIN will cover all costs. They then regularly monitor the dogs for long-term effects.

According to the company, this gene therapy is new. However, dogs in Barcelona, ​​Spain have undergone gene therapies and have been followed for up to eight years with no signs of side effects.

ENDSULIN is looking for small breed dogs recently diagnosed with diabetes and owners who can bring their dog to the Waunakee Clinic for a single treatment and five follow-up exams and provide follow-up information to the ENDSULIN research team.

For more information on registering your dog, click here or contact ENDSULIN directly at [email protected] or [email protected]