There are many positive reasons to own a pooch – and at least one smelly one.

A new study has found a way to ensure puppies enjoy better digestion while reducing the amount of feces their humans have to scoop.

Researchers (University of Illinois) say feeding dog foods made with human-grade ingredients can result in up to 66 percent less poop.

A group of Beagles received four commercially available dog food diets. This included a snack diet, a fresh and chilled diet, and two other fresh diets made with human-grade ingredients. All three fresh diets included foods like rice, chicken, broccoli, beef, and carrots. The dogs remained on each diet for a total of four weeks. The beagles, who only ate nibbles for four weeks, had to eat more to maintain their body weight. And these dogs produced 1.5 to 2.9 times more feces than the pups on fresh food.

Photos: Getty