In a moving post, the popular dog Gen the Corgi’s Instagram handle announced that the famous animal is no more. The handle shared a beautiful picture of the dog and said that Gen would be remembered as a fearless, free, and unrestrained creature. The Instagram post, which includes a picture of Corgi, states that he touched the hearts of many people in his life. It added that Gen had the ability to make her smile even on the worst of days.

The dog’s family said that although their hearts are broken, they are comforted to know that Gen was loved by so many people. They also assured that there are many memories of Gen that they will share with all of his followers. Along with this heartbreaking post is a memorable picture of Gen standing in a field of yellow leaves.

Gen was 5 years old when he passed away on February 14th of this year. Corgi was born on May 3, 2015 and lived in Japan. The Instagram account that is in his name has a following of 199,000.

Five days ago, the owners of the corgi shared a picture of Gen at the clinic and informed his followers that Gen suffers from malignant lymphomas and other tumors.

The corgi was popular on the video and photo sharing app as its videos were found adorable by its followers.

Heartbroken Gen the Corgi admirers commented on his picture. One user said they are grateful to the dog’s owners for doing everything for Gen. They said, “We will always remember Gen with a smile on our face.”

Another user comforted Gen’s family for their loss, saying that the dog brought joy to many families.

When the owners announced that Gen had been diagnosed with lymphoma, many of his followers had sent the dog their best wishes. Gen was popular on the social media app for its funny and cute expressions.