Canuck Place Children’s Hospice welcomes a new – and very adorable – fluffy employee.

Gaia, the therapy dog, will be helping children with life-threatening diseases at the hospice, working with Canuck Place Nurse Camara Van Breemen and Nurse Brenda Dewar.

Chosen from dozens of candidates, Gaia’s loving and gentle demeanor combined with her impeccable training convinced the Canuck Place staff.

Canuck Place therapy dog ​​Gaia (Beth Holbrook)

“Gaia was chosen from dozens of candidates for this type of job, not just because she demonstrated the ability to find those who need her support, but perhaps more importantly, she can support them without taking on the stress herself. This is a rare trait in dogs, just like the special people who work at Canuck Place, ”said Laura Watamanuk, executive director of the Pacific Assistance Dogs Society (PADS), who worked with the project.

YVR for Kids has generously set up a fund to support the Canuck Place Therapy Dog program.

“We are honored to have helped Canuck Place care for children, families and dog programs for accredited facilities,” said Nigel Newsome, president of YVR Kids.

Canuck Place therapy dog ​​Gaia (Beth Holbrook)

Canuck Place

Canuck Place therapy dog ​​Gaia (Beth Holbrook)

Gaia was trained by two previous PADS volunteer puppy breeders who also trained Canopp Place’s former facility dog ​​Poppy.