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Mom finds pills hidden in a slice of pizza in her garden when she warns dog owners



A mother was shocked to find two pills hidden in a slice of pizza in her yard and is now warning others of the risks to her dogs.

Louise Rushforth, 32, found the meal with two white tablets on a lawn under her kitchen window on Friday morning.

She decided to share the picture to warn other people, believing the pizza slice was left there with possible harm to pets.

The mother of one lives with her five-year-old son and a house cat on her property on Victor Way in Thornaby, Teesside, according to Teesside Live.

It’s unclear what the pills are, but Louise described them as small, oval, and white with a number five on their back.

There were two white tablets hidden in the pizza slice

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She said, “I got up in the morning and was sorted when I went out with my son.

“I saw the slice of pizza and thought it might have been next door that threw it away, or one of the kids or something.

“I picked it up and thought it looked like it was nibbled.

“Then I saw the two tablets stuck in it.”

Louise said there are a number of dogs on the surrounding property, including a large bull terrier that she believes the pizza could have been left over.

“It was pointing up, but it could have been a coincidence,” she said.

“If it had been thrown on the tablets, it would not have fallen out.”

She believes someone came into the garden overnight when she went there Thursday night and there was nothing there.

Pictures were shared on social media with one person saying, “If one of our pets had eaten it, it would have killed them.

“Someone is obviously trying to harm our pets. Please check your gardens anytime.”