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Newfies Help Bring Trees To Cars At Pennsylvania Farm’s Newfoundland Christmas Tree Pull



newfies help bring trees to cars at pennsylvania farm's newfoundland

Morgantown Pennsylvania, the Plow Farm’s Newfoundland Christmas Tree PullThis has become a well-known annual tradition. As one would expect, Christmas trees are quite popular this time of year.

But that’s hardly the main draw — having a tree pulled to your car on a cart by an adorable NewfoundlandThe pup.

The farm’s Newfoundland Day has been a tradition for several years now, and many dog lovers can’t wait to see the canines spreading Christmas cheer.

Why? Newfoundland Dogs?

(Stock Photo Credit: Barb/Getty Images).

NewfoundlandDogs and cats Newfies, are quite large. They are averaging between 125-150 pounds, but they can grow up to 200.

Newfoundlands were originally raised as work dogs for fishermen. They can pull carts with great strength and have webbed feet which makes them excellent swimmers. Nowadays, NewfoundlandWater rescue dogs are often dogs that work with dogs. | #USMagazine |

Your Dog Will Deliver Christmas TreeWe offer full coverage for all purchases made from this farm| Newfoundland dogs delivered Christmastrees at Plow Farms Mohnton PennsylvaniaFor more information, please visit: NewfoundlandDay Tree Pull — details!

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Lindsay Eshelman, owner of Plow Farms tells ABC27. “there’s no better way to showcase our love of the breed than letting them work.”All of her immediate and extended families are proud companions to her. Newfoundland dogs.

“They’re working dogs; they love to be active,”She said. “It brings the dogs joy, and it brings the people even more joy.”

Eshelman claims that her farm is located in rural Georgia. “has been in our blood for generations”It was established by her parents in the early 80’s and quickly became a staple of the community.

“We’re really proud to serve Central Pennsylvania as one of the leading Christmas tree farms,”She said. Plow Farms is at its peak with the public on December 11, 2012. Newfoundland Christmas Tree Pull; an eight-year tradition.

There are no instances of animal cruelty

If you need to see something cute today, here’s a ChristmasTree farm with a history of tree planting NewfoundlandDogs pull the tree to your car in carts.

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Glenn Lester, his NewfoundlandGlory, Glory’s puppy, demonstrated to ABC27 how the pull works together with Zach Creelman, and Scarlett Means, of Ephrata, his pup.

Lindsey explained the demonstration, noting that the dogs don’t actually “pull” the carts loaded up with trees at all — they push them.

“When hooked up correctly, Newfoundlands actually push the cart,”She explains. “The strap of the cart actually goes across their chest, so with that motion, when they step forward, it pushes the chest and it propels the cart forward. There’s no back pull on it.”

She explains that this technology protects the dog and allows them to safely pull much more weight.

“We always want to tell people there’s no animal cruelty,”Lindsey: “They’re not pulling heavy, they’re pushing, and they can push with a lot of might.”

‘Gentle Giants’That Bring Joy

Cute, unutilized pic by @njherald Jake West 4, @LoriComstockNJH article about #newfoundland Dogs and Xmas Tree farms.

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Newfoundlands have the right disposition to carry on such a tradition. They love to work, they love to take a break between work and enjoy the attention. They are loved by both children and adults throughout the event.

“The Newfoundland dog is actually known as the Nanny dog, they were the Nanny dog in Peter Pan,” says Eshelman.

“They’re gentle giants. And that’s what we love to show on our Newfoundland Day is that they’re friendly with kids, their size shouldn’t be intimidating, they’re just gentle dogs who are loving, perfect family pets.“

What do you think about the Newfoundland Christmas Tree Pull? Are you looking for a friendly Newfie who can help you bring home a wonderful pet? Christmas tree? Please let us know by leaving comments below.