Dogs offer love and comfort to millions of Americans. Dog companions live in more than 43 million households. For all the benefits of owning a furry friend, dogs are a huge responsibility. There’s the cost of grocery and vet bills, exercise and play time, and obedience training – all factors that could deter some older adults from making a commitment that could last a decade or more. This is why it is a good idea for older adults to consider dog breeds that are compatible with their lifestyle.

Are you hoping to travel with a small dog? Do you want to stay active and want a dog that can run and hike long distances? Would you like a loving companion who is safe with younger family members? Because dogs and older adults are not one size fits all, Stacker has compiled this alphabetical list of breed options to take into account whether you have a little space in the yard, time for obedience training, and can occasionally deal with the shed and bark. Dog breeds are ranked based on the American Kennel Club’s 2019 popularity ratings and were selected based on our independent research into breed characteristics.

Dogs like these can be purchased from a reputable animal breeder or adopted by a local animal shelter or rescue facility. The life expectancy of most of these breeds is around 12-15 years. Read on to find out which dog breeds will best suit your lifestyle.

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