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Officials from the UK Criticize Rescue of Dogs From Kabul as “Prioritizing Pets Over People”.



uk officials criticize rescue of dogs from kabul as "prioritizing

Former Royal Marine Pen Farthing animal rescuer has finally made his mark. “Operation Ark”This is now a reality. People are now critiquing rescue efforts, even though the animals are now safe. 

Farthing, the founder and CEO of animal rescue Nowzad, was based near Kabul, Afghanistan. After the Taliban takeover, Farthing had been racing to get his almost 200 rescued pets to safety by charter flight to the UK. Two explosions occurred near Kabul’s airport, killing 13 American servicemen and many other civilians. 

When he saved his friend, he almost died. Gunman attacked carLast weekHe managed to flee unharmed. His plane was given the green light to leave with the animals — but Farthing’s staff, however, was not. According to reports, the Taliban officials at the airport told staff they didn’t have the proper paperwork to leave. 

“Arrived [in] Heathrow with partial success of #OpArk,”Sunday afternoon, Farthing tweeted. “Mixed emotions and true deep feeling of sadness for Afghan today.”

Image: Pen Farthing/Twitter

The animals arrived at the UK’s Heathrow Airport over the weekend and have entered into the legally required quarantine period at various animal sanctuaries. However, even though the animals are now safe, not everyone is happy.

Politicians and others across the UK have expressed that they don’t understand why the animals were prioritized amid the unrest in Afghanistan. 

“I’m afraid I don’t understand why you didn’t prioritize your staff over animals,” One Twitter user Tweeted by Farthing “I can’t help but wonder if you had sent your staff to the airport right at the beginning of the evacuation, things might be different. I realize it’s an unpopular opinion, but I just don’t get it.”

Image: Lozzas Lurcher Rescue/ Facebook

It’s not just UK residents online criticizing the rescue effort. According to The GuardianDuring a Wednesday conference call, Ben Wallace, British Defense Minister, told Parliament that Operation Ark had been successful. “diverted” the British military’s focus somewhat from saving human lives, adding that rescuing the animals was “not something I would be proud of.”

“What I was not prepared to do is prioritize pets over people,”He . “I’m afraid you may dislike me for that but that’s my view. There are some very, very desperate people under threat.”

Image: Lozzas Lurcher Rescue/ Facebook

In an interview with LBC Radio on Saturday, Tom Tugendhat, chairman of Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Select Committee, said he was displeased with the usage of troops to ensure the animals’ safety. 

“The difficulty is getting people into and out of the airport, and we’ve just used a lot of troops to bring in 200 dogs, meanwhile my interpreter’s family are likely to be killed,”According to the BBC, Tugendhat said this.

Farthing, however, was supported worldwide and returned home with his animals. 

“You’ve been so brave and determined to save your staff/families, we are all behind you,”One supporter Tweet. “Please give all Nowzad our love and thoughts, they are constantly in our minds. We hope and pray they’re brought to the UK as soon as possible.”

Image by Pen Farthing/Insta

While Farthing is devastated that he couldn’t bring his staff, the fight is not over, he said on Twitter Tuesday. 

“Yes, I managed to get the animals of Nowzad on a flight to safety,”Farthing. “ I couldn’t take my staff as the Taliban put an AK47 in my face and told me they were staying. Not much I could do. BUT that does not mean we have given up. It was always and will BE ‘people and animals’ #OperationArk.”

Dr. Iain McGill, who is a vet with Nowzad said that all the animals are doing well after the long trip. After they are done with quarantining, the animals will be available to adopt at any of the UK shelters. 

“The animals, considering what they’ve been through, are in very good shape on the whole,”McGill stated this to BBC.

Image: Lozzas Lurcher Rescue/ Facebook

Lozzas Lurcher Rescue from Hertfordshire was one of the rescues that transported the animals to the airport. In photos and text updates posted on the rescue’s Facebook page, the dogs were being cuddled, given treats, and cherished — after the long journey so many have advocated for. 

“I know Nowzad [is] desperately trying to help the people left behind, but today is a celebration that lives have been saved that wouldn’t have been if it wasn’t for Pen’s sheer guts and determination,”The group Facebook:. “[Every dog] needed to be fussed, fed treats and told how lucky and wonderful they were by me before being put into their kennel.”

Featured image: Pen Farthing/Twitter

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