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Pet Rescue affords free pet food on Wind River Indian Reservation



There is an excess of homeless dogs in Fremont County and the Wind River Indian Reservation. Local shelters are trying to keep up with demand, but a group is helping to ease the burden.

Yolas Pet Rescue is a small group of volunteers who meet at least once a month to deliver pet owners and supplies from Cheyenne to pet owners on the Wind River Indian Reservation. The rescue said they have rehabilitated 200 dogs since September last year.

Janet Marschner, the group’s founder, sets out from Cheyenne to transport homeless dogs to potential homes forever. Marschner said she noticed in 2016 that not many people were able to take in homeless puppies.

“I mean, there are excess puppies and they are a lot of work and you have to watch out for diseases and quarantine them,” Marschner said. “And they’re not as easy as an adult dog.”

Marschner said the dogs find good homes and that is a rare positive aspect of the pandemic.

“So this fall we rescued a puppy that had a broken pelvis and broken leg. And they were adopted,” Marschner said. “The adoptions were really good. If there’s a good thing that came out of it.”

Volunteers on site from veterinary offices help the rescue dogs to receive emergency medical aid and help with neutering and neutering.

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