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Puppies and parrots friendship goes viral




A cute video of a parrot and a puppy has gone viral on social media. The video was liked over 6.4 million times!

Wendy Albright’s Idaho cockatoo was quickly gaining attention online. Sweet Pea, the parrot, was then introduced into Albright’s new black laboratory. In the video, Sweet Pea strokes the dog’s head with her foot and, at Albright’s insistence, says “I love you” to the dog.

“I was holding the puppy and the puppy was sleeping and I allowed Sweet Pea to meet the puppy,” Albright told the local TV station KTVB. The post has been viewed over 35 million times!

@ theparrotlady SP meets puppy #puppy #puppytiktok #fyp #lab #cute #cockatoo #parrot #baby # love ♬ original sound – The Parrot Lady

Albright was surprised at the speed at which the video spread. “I think it’s just that during this time we live in the world saw this video and loved the unadulterated love of two animals who just care for each other,” Albright said.

She will continue to share the interactions of this dynamic duo on TikTok. In a recent video, Sweet Pea and the puppy play together.

@ theparrotlady

#AerieREAL #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #parrot #puppy #dog #iloveyou #baby #bestie #bffs #cute

♬ Original sound – The Parrot Lady

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