On February 2, 2021, the Swiss Federal Office for Consumer Protection issued a product recall for three Pedigree brand dog food products.

The products contain excessive amounts of vitamin D and could be toxic if consumed over several weeks, the press release said. The three affected products are:

PEDIGREE adult with chicken, 10 kg, expiry date 02.15.2022
PEDIGREE adult with lamb, 3 kg, expiry date 02/08/2022
PEDIGREE Dry Adult with Chicken, 3 kg, expiry date 02/06/2022 and 02/15/2022

The three products can be seen in the photo below.

Dog owners should stop feeding their dogs these products and consult a veterinarian if their pet shows signs of illness or needs to drink or urinate excessively.

Those with the products are asked to contact [email protected] According to the manufacturer, vouchers will be offered as soon as photographic evidence of the packaging and expiry date of the product has been provided.

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