PET owners are cautioned not to recall certain types of dog foods due to concerns about vitamin D poisoning.

Mars Petcare UK is recalling certain pedigree products that contain vitamin D and that may prove harmful to your pet if consumed for long periods of time.

Owners who have purchased the products are advised to stop feeding their dogs immediately and contact the consumer team.

In the meantime, the brand is working with distributors and retailers to ensure the recalled products are no longer being sold and removed from shelves.

Which products are being recalled?

The recall affects products from Pedigree Complete Dry Chicken and Vegetables, Pedigree Mixer and Chappie.

The specific elements include:

Pedigree Adult Dry Dog Mixer – 3 kg

Pedigree Dry Dog Mixer – 10 kg

Pedigree Complete Chicken & Veg Dry Dog Food – 12 kg

Pedigree Complete Chicken & Veg Adult Dry Dog Food – 2.6 kg

Chappie Complete Chicken Dry Dog Food – 3 kg

(Republic of Ireland) Pedigree Complete small dog meat 1.4 kg

(Republic of Ireland) Pedigree Complete Dry Chicken & Vegetables E7 2.6 kg

However, only products with certain barcodes are affected.

What is the risk?

Alice Moore, a Dorset veterinarian, said: “Dogs are very sensitive to some vitamin D compounds and accidental ingestion of vitamin D pills can cause significant toxicity.

“The signs include drinking a lot, vomiting, diarrhea, depression, and lethargy. In severe cases, heart problems, kidney failure, and vomiting of blood can occur, and dogs have lost their lives if they accidentally take vitamin D tablets.”

What should I do if my dog ​​has eaten these products?

Pedigree has advised owners to seek advice from a veterinarian if you have given this product to your pet and they show signs of illness.

Symptoms to look out for include excessive drinking and urination.

A spokesperson for Pedigree said: “These products do not meet our high quality and safety standards. We are therefore taking this proactive step to retrieve the listed products.

“We encourage consumers who have purchased these specific affected products to stop feeding their pets immediately and contact our consumer team for more information.”

The full list of affected product barcodes can be found at

You can also contact Mars Petcare Customer Service at 0800 013 3131 and

Consumers in the Republic of Ireland should contact 1890 812 315 and