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Remedy Jack Russell dog attacked by bigger, unleashed dog in Norfolk



NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – A Jack Russell terrier gets better after a vicious attack by a larger dog in its neighborhood. Mercy is a therapy dog ​​for medical patients and now he’s the one in the intensive care unit.

Owner Jenn Williamson held the leash and harness for Mercy outside her house on Kingsbury Road while he was being treated at an emergency veterinary clinic.

“It’s $ 8,000 for his operation alone,” she said.

Williamson’s roommate was walking on a double leash with Mercy and Williamson’s other dog, Cooper, on Friday afternoon. She says they live in a good neighborhood that has never been a problem.

But that day there was a problem down in Kingsway.

“(There were) two gigantic dogs roaming around, unleashed, no leash,” Williamson said.

An elderly woman observed these larger dogs and “suddenly this dog breaks away from the elderly lady and jumps on my little dog, who weighs about 12 pounds. The (bigger) dog had my dog ​​in his mouth and he hit him like a toy. It’s traumatic when you think about it. It was so annoying for me, “said Williamson.

The mercy was bloody and bitten in the hospital.

10 On Your Side called and visited the other family and tried to get an explanation but got no response.

Mercy and Cooper are usually on the other end of the nursing equation because Williamson works in the home healthcare setting and uses them as therapy dogs.

“They are very, very good with my patients, they help them get out of their shell,” she said.

Williamson found out this morning that the other family’s insurance is paying for the medical expenses – and says Norfolk Animal Welfare has told her they’ll be investigating.

She said Mercy was making progress at the Blue Pearl Animal Hospital and was trying to run on his own Tuesday afternoon.

Williamson has one GoFundMe page in case she got stuck with the bill. If the insurance company gets through, the proceeds will go to local animal shelters and help pet owners pay for emergency medical care.