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Someone Planted Poop To Frame Boji, The Dog Who Tours Istanbul, Over Politics



someone planted poop to frame boji, the dog who tours

(Picture Credit to Chris McGrath/Getty Images

DogTime previously told you about Boji the independent dog who cruises the Istanbul transport system on his own initiative.

Now, it seems that Boji has found himself caught in the middle of Turkey’s polarized political climate, with one side of it attempting to frame him.

Turkey’s political climate is so volatile that dogs poop can be thrown at people, or even intentionally put in front of them, to make poor Boji look bad.

But why? WhoThis Would Be A Great Idea To Boji?

İBB’nin kadrolu köpeği BOJİ tramvaya pisledi.

— Sağdan Haber (@sagdanhaber) November 19, 2021

Al-Monitor reports that a patron of Turkey’s tramway uploaded a photo to social networks on November 19th. This ignited the incident. ThePhoto showed dog poop found on a train seat. This was done by Boji, Istanbul Municipality and his family who usually takes him along with them.

Currently, they oppose the AKP and Justice and Development Party. ThePhoto poster runs a pro AKP blog.

Given Boji’s popularity on Twitter, plenty of users sprang to his defense. However, others joined the political fray and made jokes about the transportation system.

Some people even believed that Boji was “spoiled”You have received so much “attention.” Sounds like jealousy, to me.

Don’t Worry, This Pup Is Innocent

Boji’nin tramvaya kaka yaptığı iddia edilmişti. Ama kameralar bize bu akıl almaz görüntüleri gösterdi, izleyin.

— Murat Ongun (@Mrt_Ongun) November 20, 2021

Boji’s official Twitter account released an immediate statement. “I was at the shelter the whole day with my trainer,”They wrote. “Someone planted feces to frame me. How wicked can you get?”

Murat Ongun (an Instanbul Municipality spokesperson) posted a video on Twitter soon after. We see a man using a plastic bag to put some sort of waste on the tram seats.

Boji, of course, retweeted the video, saying: “I was ashamed on the behalf of the man when I saw the images.”

Seyda Taluk, the author of How to Win Elections, seems to know what we’re all thinking. “The framing of Boji looks like a not-so-smart attempt to defame Imamoglu,”She spoke.

“But irrespective of whether it was a political framing or not, it will go down in political communications as an epic fail that has backfired.”

Taluk commented further to Al-Monitor on the strength and importance of animal rights in Turkey. It’s one of their most organized movements. It’s a very organized movement. “counterproductive.”

Boji May Have, However, Become A Target

Meanwhile, in Istanbul…A beloved street dog named Boji, who became a folk hero for riding public transit, was slandered by some for pooping on the trains. Boji is now being framed. Video shows people placing the poop.

— Bilge Ebiri (@BilgeEbiri) November 20, 2021

While someone obviously framed the innocent dog, the Istanbul Municipality doesn’t seem too keen on risking any further targeting of Boji.

Ongun told Al-Monitor that they’re currently looking for a place for Boji to permanently reside, “ideally with a large garden.”

According to reports, the local science academy expressed interest in becoming a member of this group. “we have no tramway, but we will carry him on our back.”

We know that Boji is a beloved figure in Turkey and we are sure that many of his admirers will follow him wherever he goes.

Is it possible that someone tried to frame Boji for political reasons? What would you do if someone did this in America? We’d love to hear your comments in the comments section.