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The favored dog was rescued regardless of being impaled on farm implements



A pet dog had miraculously escaped after surviving being impaled on a thorn while playing on a farm – somehow missing FOUR vital vital organs.

Willow, a two-year-old English springer spaniel, was saved by vets after suffering terrible injuries while taking a night out for a walk with her owner, Claudia Jackson.

The unfortunate pooch speared itself on the tip of a piece of agricultural machinery after running away from Claudia on a farm in Clitheroe.

Willow was taken to a local vet where the tip was found to have missed her lungs, pancreas, kidney, and small intestine by a few inches.

The badly injured pet was taken to Paragon Veterinary Referrals in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, where medical specialists battled to save their lives.

And after two emergency surgeries and almost a month of intensive care, Willow has gotten her way and is now back home to relax with her owner.

Claudia, a student veterinary nurse from Clitheroe, is relieved to thank the staff who saved Willow after she feared she had lost her beloved pet.

She said, “Willow is a very happy dog ​​and we are very grateful for everything the Paragon team has done for us.

“Everyone there was flawless throughout.

Fortunately, Willow is now fully recovered and is returning to her usual happy, bright, and loving selves, almost as if nothing had ever happened to her.

“She stayed positive throughout the ordeal, even when I wasn’t.

“She kept fighting and was her happy, amazing self. Her strong will and determination and excellent care definitely made the difference.”

Paragon’s chief operations officer Mickey Tivers, a small animal surgery specialist, said Willow was very lucky to have survived her traumatic ordeal.

He added, “She was impaled on a thorn that went through her chest wall, narrowly avoided her lungs and pierced her diaphragm.

“The tip then went into her stomach, grazed her pancreas and narrowly avoided her small intestine and right kidney before exiting her abdominal wall.

“The thorn continued under her skin and appeared next to her hip, causing an exit wound on the way out.

“Willow also had fluid in her chest and a broken rib.

“So she was very badly injured, but also very happy that her injuries weren’t even more serious and that she wasn’t killed.”

Mickey and colleague David Barker had to undergo surgery twice a week to repair the widespread internal damage and the gaping wound on their chest.

Dead and dying tissue around the wound meant the two surgeons had to use a special bandage instead of trying to sew the flesh back together.

Willow with owner Claudia Jackson

Mickey said, “Willow’s wound was difficult to treat because the spike had damaged the tissue around her ribs and caused infection.

“This meant that the tissue gradually died over a period of days, making the hole larger and making the wound difficult to handle.

“We decided to leave the wound open and put on a negative pressure wound therapy dressing, also known as a VAC dressing.

“This is a special dressing that is connected to a suction unit and applies constant negative pressure over the wound to aid healing and treat the infection.

“In Willow, it had the added benefit of sealing the wound too so that no air flow into the chest.

“That worked very well. Willow was very comfortable with the dressing and made a full recovery. “

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