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The founder of Dog Rescue meets again with a missing Pitbull after 8 years of separation



the founder of dog rescue meets again with a missing

Every year that a dog is lost, it becomes harder to find hope. Most people give up or fear the worst. Still, Cara Seiler decided to turn her heartbreak into a passion that would help other dog parents. Her Pit Bull mix named Kemo went missing for eight years, during which time she started her own dog rescue. She ensures that every adopted dog is microchipped and helps other dog lovers reunite with lost pets.

But after eight years she is finally reunited with her beloved Kemo. It is an important reminder to never give up!

Image: @ Caninehavenrescueinc / Facebook

Many years of heartbreak

Seiler and her family have had Kemo since he was a puppy. When he was around two years old, in 2013, he was hanging out in a friend’s front yard when he disappeared. Seiler suspected it was stolen, but she did not want to publicly share her reasons for that assumption.

But no matter how much they looked for Kemo, the dog was nowhere to be found. They spent eight long years wondering where he was and how he was.

Pit bull lost 8 years laterImage: @ Caninehavenrescueinc / Facebook

“We never really stopped looking, we were always hoping, always looking for missing pet posts,” said Seiler.

During these eight years, Seiler decided to make a difference in the world. She started an organization called Canine Haven Rescue in Waterloo, Indiana. They help dogs in need find homes forever and also help out with finding lost dogs as best they can. Even if the search for Seiler’s dog was unsuccessful, good news finally came.

Kemo is foundImage: @ LostDogsofFortWayne / Facebook

Patience pays off!

Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control found Kemo at the age of 10. He is very healthy but almost 25 pounds overweight. He still has a microchip so the shelter has been able to reunite him with his family after all these years.

When Kemo saw his people again, it was as if no time had passed. He remembered her and loved her, even though he spent most of his life without her.

Pitbull reunited with familyImage: @ Caninehavenrescueinc / Facebook

“I never gave up,” said Seiler. “We always made sure that his microchip was up to date. I think I would never give up trying to find him, but I never thought that day would come. “

Where Kemo was all this time remains a mystery. But of course his family doesn’t care as long as he is at home. This is why Seiler is now working so hard to help dog parents with their dog rescue. She knows how incredible the bond between humans and dogs can be.

Pit bull kisses foundImage: @ Caninehavenrescueinc / Facebook

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Featured image: @ Caninehavenrescueinc / Facebook

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Hot tips to keep your dog cool this summer



hot tips to keep your dog cool this summer

Summer is in full swing and in addition to making sure your puppy has enough water in their bowl and protecting the pads of their paws from the harsh outside temperatures, a dog’s thermo-neutral zone should also be considered to keep your pets healthy and happy during the warmer months .

What is a dog’s thermo-neutral zone and why do we need to take it into account?

Lorraine Rhoads, environmental biologist at Dogtopia, explains the thermoneutral zone as “a normal temperature range where dogs can maintain their body temperature without using energy to increase heat production or loss”. This temperature range for dogs is between 20 ° C (68 ° F) and 30 ° C (86 ° F).

When the air temperature is warmer than a dog’s body temperature, the dog will absorb more heat from its surroundings. This additional heat usually has to be lost through the feet and nose, but from a temperature of over 87 ° the heat can no longer only escape through the skin.

As humans, we know that when the temperature starts to rise, it will take us longer to cool off when we return indoors or in a shady area. The same applies to dogs, but it has to be taken a little more seriously, as their bodies cannot process a lot of excess heat like humans. Once dogs can no longer give off heat through their paws and nose, the loss of heat through evaporation through panting will be the only solution for a dog to cool down faster. Other factors can make panting less effective. These include increased humidity, dehydration, and upper airway complications such as brachycephalic airway syndrome.

(Note: Brachycephalic breeds can have genetic, breed-specific traits such as narrowed nostrils and elongated soft palates that make breathing difficult. These breeds include the Boxer and Pit Bull, among many other short-nosed breeds.)

Did you know that the length of a dog’s nose is directly related to how cool the air is when it is inhaled?

Most brachycephalic breeds have shorter noses, which means they just can’t cool the air they breathe as easily as longer-snouted breeds. Think about it: a dog with a longer nose can breathe and cool the air longer than a dog with a shorter nose because it has more time to move through its nose before it gets to the lungs. To put it simply, dogs with shorter noses breathe warmer air in the summer because the air has less time to cool down before it gets to the lungs.

Also, the elongated soft palate of a dog with a shorter face can be irritated from excessive panting and airborne allergens, which can cause the airways to swell and sometimes narrow. Excessive panting that is not treated can lead to brachycephalic airway syndrome, or BAS. BAS is the closing of the dog’s airway, which is a veterinary emergency. It’s important to note that the risk of overheating is not limited to brachycephalic breeds, but also older dogs, thick-coated breeds, and overweight dogs.

Since the summer months stay warm, it is important to understand the difference between heat stress, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke.

  • Heat stress: Increase in thirst and panting
  • Heat exhaustion: severe panting and weakness
  • Heatstroke: (Emergency Care Required): Anxiety, excessive panting, restlessness, excessive drooling, insecurity, abnormal gum and tongue color, collapse

Safe Summer Exercises Your Dog Will Love!

A great way for your pup to feel cool this summer while pulling out his jiggles is to include water in his game schedules. A small kiddy pool filled with a few inches of water or a garden sprinkler kit is perfect for keeping a dog playing while keeping its body temperature cool. Remember to take regular breaks to check if your dog is showing any signs or symptoms of heat stress, exhaustion, or stroke, as any exercise outdoors in the sun can cause your dog’s temperature to rise.

Please note that a humid climate can play an important role in how hot a dog feels outside. In warmer climates, freshen up on the dangers of hot asphalt. This will protect the paws from receiving too much heat from warm asphalt or concrete, and in turn creates a potential injury that will require time and possibly medical attention to heal. A simple touch test can be done to see if the floor your puppy is walking on is too hot for his or her paws. Place your hand on the asphalt or concrete for 7-8 seconds. If you can’t keep your hand on the floor for the full 7-8 seconds, it’s too hot for your dog.

At the end of the day, we’d like to remind all pet parents to be mindful and aware of their dog’s wellbeing to ensure happy tail wagging and a healthy body for a lifetime. If the weather near you is too warm for your outdoor activities with your dog, consider a dog daycare at Dogtopia! Our indoor playrooms are kept between 65-75 ° F and are the perfect place for your dog to meet and exercise with other like-minded dogs. In addition, our HVAC systems keep your pup at the perfect temperature during play and nap time, and constantly circulate fresh and clean air to keep the facility odor free. Ready to take your dog into daycare? Use our location finder to find a Dogtopia near you:

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11 Must-Follow Instagram Dogs That Will Inspire You To Go Outside



11 must follow instagram dogs that will inspire you to go

There is nothing better than discovering something new with your dog. The world is full of so many things to sniff and chew – why should we keep our pups locked up at home? Their world could be so much bigger than the back yard – or the quick walkie they take around the block.

The dogs here have the right idea. These pups climb mountains, swim seas, and inspire us to go out and do the same with our own dogs. They take their loyal people with them wherever they can, and their worlds are getting bigger – and so are their followers!

Even if you’re not the type to get up and get lost in the great outdoors with your dog, you will still love scrolling these incredible Instagram accounts from the comfort of your couch.

1 – @QuintalTheCorgi


Corgi legs don’t seem like the best way to get around, but Quintal has no problem exploring its four tiny stumps. Quintal and its people love to hike in the great outdoors – be it in their grassy garden, a trip to the mountains or on the beaches near their home in Corgifornia.

If you love beaches, boats, and corgi butts, follow Quintal! @quintalthecorgi on Instagram


2 – @BeautiesAndTheBolt


Each of these three Aussies has their own story. Bella was dumped in a box as a puppy, Bolt was a “broken” puppy born with a broken tail from a breeder who did not want him, and Bonnie is deaf. They lead great lives together exploring the Mojave Desert – and they look great in their goggles!

Learn more about Bella, Bolt and Bonnie on iHeartDogs and follow the trio on Instagram. @beautiesandthebolt on Instagram


3 – @LoolyDootAndMo


We first heard from Lilly when the story of her adoption went viral a few years ago. She was found alone with a heartbreaking message on the tag she was wearing. She found her way to her new person, Mercedes, at just the right time – Mercedes suffered from mental health problems and previously said that she might not still be here if Lilly hadn’t entered her life at this point.

They have since wandered around together, losing a sister but winning two other rescues to accompany them on their adventures. Find out more about Lilly’s story on iHeartDogs and follow @loolydootandmo on Instagram


4 – @Kopernikk


Czech photographer Jan Řeháček adopted Sitka knowing he needed a travel partner. Sitka has been Jan’s favorite subject for photography ever since. Some of our favorite photos are those of Sitka calm, eyes closed, out in the wilderness, head in Jan’s hand.

It is clear that both of them are in their element when they are outside together. @kopernikk on Instagram


5 – @PenniDog


Pennis life got off to a very sad start. Rescuers weren’t sure of her age, but they knew she had lived her entire life in the basement of a drug house, suffering severe physical and mental abuse until she was thrown on the street. Penni was in such dire condition that it was decided that she would be put to sleep – but rescue came and saved her.

There her father Blaine Deluca found her. He has made sure that their world will never be as small as a basement again and is always looking for new places for them to explore. The photos are amazing – not just the ones on the go, but the photos of Penni smiling the biggest Pittie smile you’ve ever seen! @pennidog on Instagram


6 – @HikingBullies


If you love snow-capped mountains as much as you love dogs, then you should check out Demi and Snickers on Instagram. This couple lives in Norway with their human and makes the most of the incredible scenery. You sit on high mountains and look down on lakes and rivers that are so blue-green and clear that they reflect the sky like mirrors!

There is a lot to climb in Norway, so there is probably a lot more to explore – follow them so you don’t miss a thing! @hikingbullies on Instagram

7 – @HenryTheColoradoDog


In order. We couldn’t have a list of must-have dogs without including this Insta Famous couple. Henry (dog) was found as a puppy at an adoption event and immediately proved that he should be an “outside dog” who hiked and climbed with his new family. But the family wasn’t complete without a cat, and they knew they needed one that could hang out outside.

Baloo was another salvation, and Mama just had a feeling that he was going to be the right one. Baloo is proof that when you have instincts like this mom, you should trust your gut instincts! Baloo and Henry are the perfect travel companions and could only be brought together through the magic of adoption. Don’t miss out on her upcoming adventures and adorable photos! @henrythecoloradodog on Instagram


8 – @BlizzardAndLulu


Whether you like big dogs, small dogs, or both, you’ll want to follow Blizzard and Lulu! Lulu is a teeny little Japanese Chin who loves to hang out in fluffy 126 lb. fur. Saint Bernard brother keeping Blizzard warm. Lulu prefers to ride than on foot. She and Blizzard are no strangers to kayaks and cars, and sometimes she can be found in a backpack on a bike. But her favorite spot seems to be on Blizzard’s back.

Her brother Brodie went viral a few years ago because of his adorable relationship with older neighbor Miss Sally. Miss Sally has since moved to a nursing home, but Brodie is still in touch! @blizzardandlulu on Instagram


9 – @AceJRT


Ace is another little guy who goes out to explore the big world. He may have small legs, but if you’ve ever known a Jack Russell Terrier you know that what he lacks in size he does with sheer energy! He and his human are busy exploring the caps and coasts of Norway together. He walks, he climbs, he swims and looks sharp in his harness.

Stay up to date with his forays into Instagram! @acejrt on Instagram

10 – @TuckerAdventurePug


Of all the dogs to research, one wouldn’t expect to see a pug or a Boston terrier. Pugs and Bostons aren’t exactly built for walking around with their small legs, stocky bodies, and flat faces, but that doesn’t stop Tucker and Betsie! They love big skies, green grass and colorful bandanas. You may not be able to go that far or climb that high, but you are still out and about in nature with your human.

Of course, she will keep an eye out for dangerous conditions like hot weather and make sure she doesn’t push too hard on her pups. If you do hike make sure you do it responsibly, like this group! @tuckeradventurepug on Instagram


11 – @Loki


I love myself as a fluffy dog ​​and Loki is very fluffy! He was born to be outdoors and his human is happy to be willing to comply. They currently live on the street and travel north along the west coast. They saw some interesting sights and even gave us a cute DC / Marvel crossover pic when Loki met Aquaman on their trip!

We will get more coastline, more sun, and more snow as Loki continues to travel and explore. @loki on Instagram


Featured image: @ acejrt / IG

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Dog stays on human body for hours after death



dog stays on human body for hours after death

“I think dogs are more important than principles,” writes author Kevin Hearne in his 2018 book Scourged. “They offer love and loyalty when you need them most.”

It is a quote that we could no longer agree with. And love and loyalty are exactly what a Doberman puppy named Rico recently showed his owner.

A man is missing

Seventy-year-old John Stewart, from Nevada County, California, went missing in early July. Known for having medical problems and attacks of memory loss, Stewart was quickly reported missing to local authorities and a search began.

Image: Facebook / Nevada County Sheriff’s Office

Unfortunately, the search wouldn’t end well.

About 14 hours after receiving the missing person report, the Nevada County Sheriff’s office found Stewart’s body in a pond not far from his home.

They also found his loving, loyal dog, Rico, who was waiting for him at the water’s edge.

“Not far from Stewart’s body was his loyal dog Rico, who was waiting at the edge of the pond,” wrote the Nevada County Sheriff’s Department in a Facebook post.

That’s right: even though Stewart lay lifeless in the water for some time, his dog never left him and stayed around until his last moments and beyond.

Image: The sun

Rico remains loyal

When the search and rescue teams finally found Stewart, they initially struggled to get to his body. This is because Rico, his longtime canine companion, refused to let the team near him – loyally and lovingly to the end.

It’s a moving, meaningful response from an animal that obviously loved its human being very, very much. Of course, we don’t expect less from the puppies and pooches we’ve written about on this page.

Image: Facebook / Nevada County Sheriff’s Office

A cause of death has not yet been determined, but Stewart’s health and mental awareness may have contributed.

“There is no external evidence of foul play at this point, but a full coroner’s examination and autopsy are being completed to determine the exact cause of Stewart’s death,” the sheriff’s department wrote in the Facebook post. “Our condolences go to Stewart’s family and friends at this difficult time.”

Whatever the cause, we must greet Rico and send him and Stewart’s surviving family a big, warm hug.

Loyalty that never ends

The story of Rico and Stewart is heartwarmingly reminiscent of several others we have covered over the years.

Boncuk followed his human’s ambulance to the hospital and waited outside for 6 days until they were finally released and reunited.

In Los Angeles, a puppy was traumatized after watching over its dead owner for over a week, but was eventually rehabilitated and found a new home.

And we leave you with a brighter message that reminds you of Shasta – a feisty bitch with a wild appetite to defend her family against her Roomba.

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