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The highest 10 canine breeds that may cut back stress in homeowners



As dog parents, we all know how much joy our pets give us. Especially in the past year, our fur babies were a great consolation and support for us, whether we recognized it or not.

They are always happy to see us and are there for a cuddle and a sloppy kiss when we need it most.

A recent study found that watching videos of cute dogs and puppies can actually reduce stress levels. We would believe it!

OnBuy’s animal department wanted to find out if cuddling our four-legged friends could reduce stress even further, and if so, which breed makes you feel most relaxed.

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To do this, OnBuy’s animal experts asked 500 dog owners within three months to cuddle their dogs if they felt stressed and / or had a heart rate of 105 BPM – this is the average stressed heart rate.

They were asked to monitor their heart rate with their smartwatch and report their BPM after just five minutes of cuddling.

The results

The study showed that the breed of dog that reduced stress the most is a Labrador Retriever! Those with labs at home saw a whopping 51% drop from a stressed heart rate, and the average heart rate after five minutes of cuddling was 51 BPM.

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Labs have become a very popular breed in the past few years, thanks to no doubt Marley and me, reports the American Kennel Club.

Huskies come in second place. Husky owners reported an average BPM of 52 versus 105 (BPM) when cuddling the blue-eyed, fluffy beauties.

In third place with an average of 54 BPM is the Golden Retriever. In fourth place are German Shepherds with 55 BPM, and in fifth place the study found that Beagles and Corgis are able to reduce a respondent’s heart rate from 105 BPM to an average of 57 BPM.

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Read on to see the full list …

4th Place

German shepherd dog

5th place


6th place


7th place


8th place

Shiba Inu

9th place

French bulldog

10th place

Cocker spaniel

Do you agree? Let us know in the comments below what kind of pooch you have at home.

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