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The proposed state regulation would prohibit cities from banning sure breeds of dogs


MONTICELLO, Iowa (KCRG) – There are dozen of cities across Iowa that prohibit a certain breed of dog. The aim of the regulation is to protect people from dogs they think are malicious.

Some cities in eastern Iowa have pit bull bans such as Martelle and Monticello that allow pit bulls as companion dogs. A proposed state law would prohibit cities from enacting, enforcing, or administering a ban specific to a dog breed.

Animal welfare workers in Monticello say their shelter has been filled with pit bulls in the past. They have to rely on people from different parts of Iowa to travel to adopt them. They say it is painful to tell a person from Monticello that their prescription prevents them from taking a pit bull home.

“It’s heartbreaking,” says. “Especially when small children are involved.”

They support the Senate proposal, saying that it is not the breed of a dog that makes them vicious. “There are certain groups of people who have pit bulls trained to be attack dogs,” said Bagge. “And they come up with this preconception, but they aren’t like that.”

United States Humane Society leaders say cities should behave, not what a dog looks like

“Focus on things like reducing the time the animal is chained outside,” said Preston Moore. “Or focus on things like.”

Moore agrees that it isn’t a dog’s breed that makes them vicious. “Most of the communities in Iowa have guidelines based on animal behavior rather than race, and we certainly do not see an increase in the number of animals in horrific animal incidents in these communities,” said Moore. “Instead, we see that these communities are safe.”

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