A woman from Kidderminster was inspired by her puppy’s chicken allergy to start her own raw dog food business.

Charlotte Connor opened the Kidderminster Raw Dog Food Store in the Riverside Business Center in Stourport last Saturday (February 6th) after a major renovation of one of the units.

Charlotte renovated a unit in Riverside Business Park during the lockdown

The 34-year-old, who works freelance in construction, began researching raw dog food after her new cockerpoo puppy Kiki was diagnosed with a chicken allergy.

Dog lover Charlotte said, “It wasn’t until I had Kiki and found out about her allergy that I was introduced to raw dog food and learned about all of the benefits it has for your pets.

“Kiki was itchy and had blood in her poop, which disappeared when she turned to the raw food.

Charlotte Connor in her new shop in the Riverside Business Park in Stourport

“I worked with another woman in Northamptonshire who gave me advice and training, but I always wanted to start my own business and I wanted a place where I could get good dog food locally.

“I registered my company in October and just opened my own unit in Stourport. I buy the best food from suppliers across the country and sell it frozen.

Kidderminster Shuttle: Kidderminster Raw Dog Food sells human-quality raw dog food and natural goodiesKidderminster Raw Dog Food sells raw human food and natural goodies

“Having my own shop means I can give advice to customers when buying the food as it is very important to include a mixture of proteins in the dog’s food. My unit provides the variety that dogs need for a balanced diet.”

The Kidderminster Raw Dog Food Shop sells raw dog food in human quality and natural delicacies and offers a service for developing individual nutrition plans for customer dogs.

Kidderminster Shuttle: Charlotte Connor and girlfriend Paula Hull in the new store in the Riverside Business Park in StourportCharlotte Connor and girlfriend Paula Hull in the new store in Riverside Business Park in Stourport

Charlotte explained some of the benefits of feeding dogs raw food: “Raw food contains fewer chemicals because it’s natural. Dogs are carnivores, they naturally eat raw meat, bones, and offal, and the food we offer is complete – it has all three .

“A raw dog food diet can make their coats shinier and is generally softer in the digestive system.”

To learn more, visit kidderminsterrawdogfood.com.