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Therapy Dog Has Helped Thousands During Pandemic, Earned Prestigious Award



We know that dogs cure people who suffer from both physical and psychological pain. They’re in our homes, in our neighborhood, sometimes in our schools, and occasionally even in offices! There is a dog in England who helped thousands of people heal during the pandemic.

Meet Max. He is a mix of Springer Spaniels who started out as a therapy dog ​​and helped his father, Kerry Irving. Irving is a locksmith who sustained life-changing injuries after being hit by a truck 15 years ago. Excruciating back pain took its toll on his mental health, leaving him depressed, too anxious to leave home, and suicidal.

Then Max came along.

A dog turned back years of physical and mental agony

“Six years of pain, six years of frustration, six years of going from hospital to specialist to physical therapist to another type of drug, and really the best type of drug I had was sitting next to me and his name was Max.” Irving told PBS.

Irving decided to share Max’s healing powers during the pandemic. Her walks were shared last year and have brought Max around 200,000 followers. His calming manner and optimistic attitude have helped people all over the world find peace and happiness during these difficult times.

“I think the lockdown was difficult for all of us, and we were all concerned, all concerned about our jobs, our future. We started taking live feeds on our daily walks because this is where the Lake District is, ”said Irving. “Some people are trapped in cities, in high-rise buildings. Some people are trapped where they shouldn’t be trapped. And I think we gave people this clearance that there is still a sense of normalcy out there. ”

Max’s ability to spread joy has expanded to bring life-changing help to animals in need

Thanks to his online popularity, Max has raised more than $ 350,000 for the People’s Department for Sick Animals, the UK’s largest nonprofit veterinary organization. That’s not all! PDSA has awarded Max a prestigious Order of Merit for his commitment as a therapy dog!

“There are no words for that. Pride doesn’t come close to how we feel about how our hearted little dog has helped so many,” said Irving.

One of Max’s youngest followers has even started raising funds to help establish Max’s status in his local park. While enjoying his walks and being known on the internet, Max hasn’t lost touch with the simple joys in life. He is always on the lookout for a great stick to accompany him on his walks, and his viewers love to see which perfect piece he picks!

Max is a fine example of the love and motivation a dog can bring. He has saved countless lives, and his mission to bring joy to the world is showing no sign of slowing down.