Before choosing your new best friend to bring into your home, find out which of the most obedient and trainable dog breeds will make your selection process easier. After all, you need a pet that you can have fun with.

These are some of the most obedient dog breeds that you should adopt as your new canine friend

Dogs are a species of animal that is known to be warm and friendly. Hence, they have proven to be a man’s best friend and companion in times of need. Living with pets and especially dogs is more fun and worth living. It is because of dogs that we sometimes find purpose and happiness in our daily routine.

However, it is important to know that every breed of dog is different and has unique traits and skills that make each of them special. The list of breeds below has particular traits, skills, intelligence, and emotional understanding that make them one of the best dog breeds you will ever find.

As we know, it is impossible for us to find the perfect dog who can understand human emotions well, but we can choose a specific breed of dog that is easy to train and that you can share your life with.

Here are the 5 most obedient dog breeds you need to adopt as a new paw friend right away!

Border collie

They are known to be one of the smartest breeds of dogs. They are always eager to learn new things and are the happiest people. They often thrive in training when given a specific job as they please people or get attention everywhere.

German shepherd dog

A highly intelligent dog, this breed was born to be obedient and responsive to people. Therefore you will find this breed of dog in the police, military or in search and rescue groups as service dogs. They are true to the core and are very protective of their family and owner. Sometimes they tend to be a little aggressive towards strangers, but when they are well trained they are smart and humble.

Golden retriever

Very popular as family pets, they are every child’s favorite breed of dog. They are known to be loving, loving, caring, warm, and super friendly. This breed of dog is very gentle with children and always eager to play outside and have fun with all family members in the house. They are active and enthusiastic about learning new things and very obedient.


Poodles are an elegant breed of dog and are much more fun and loving. They are smart, empathetic, and have refined skills that give them a sense of responsibility towards their owner. Poodles love to adapt, learn, and perform tricks. You are agile and want to have fun.

Labrador Retriever

Another breed of dog that is easy to train, they are fun-loving and loving. Very calm and gentle in nature, this breed of dog has amazing skills that make it stand out in the field of training or as companion dogs.


Whichever breed you choose, it’s imperative to give them fun, motivating, and positive training to improve their skills and intelligence level.

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