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Understand your dog’s behavior in the playroom



understand your dog's behavior in the playroom

At Dogtopia Daycare, a pet parent can be part of the fun by watching their dog on the live webcams available on our mobile app and website. While this is exciting to watch, there are times when you may notice certain behavior and wonder if it is right for your dog. We understand what dog behavior can be like, especially when your dog is the one riding. At Dogtopia we are committed to keeping your dog safe and healthy. Our canine behaviorist Colleen Demling-Riley explains why this is happening, how our dog trainers approach it in the playroom, and what pet parents can do at home.

Why do dogs ride or hobble?

Contrary to what many people think, increasing behavior in a playroom has little to do with sexual interest. With dogtopia, this behavior is most often noticed when a dog is overly excited, scared, or potentially behaving. For example, the assembly can take place when there is fast play in the room, there is excessive barking or a new dog enters the playgroup. You can think of this as the dog version where you bite your nails. A dog who may be insecure may also attempt to mount another dog for some sort of control. For example, the riding dog might think, “Look what I can do to you! That makes me a boss, doesn’t it? “

What do the canine coaches do when they observe this behavior?

Our dog trainers go through extensive training to understand the dog’s body language, from the tiny, subtle facial expressions to the obvious ones like riding. We understand that this common behavior for pet parents looks different than what’s going on inside a dog’s head! When we see this behavior, we implement various techniques to calmly redirect. You could see:

  • The puppy that has ascended may be asked to sit in a row several times
  • The ascending puppy could be led around the room on a leash and asked to remind himself of the importance of self-control
  • The dog that is riding may need lessons or practice from our canine trainers to increase confidence when unsure

What Can Pet Parents Do To Help?

There are things pet parents can do to address this behavioral problem at home or at dog daycare. Not only does the training strengthen your authority with your dog, but it also makes it easier for your pup to get along with other dogs and people. Here are some things you can do:

  • Share any commands your puppy knows, such as: B. “Leave it” so that canine coaches can redirect if necessary
  • Some dogs may need to exercise vigorously for 10 to 15 minutes before entering Dogtopia daycare for some energy first
  • Make sure to visit the dog daycare regularly as this will help balance the energy as the regular daycare pups get to know each other well

We promise to love and care for your dog like they were our own! Before starting daycare at Dogtopia, your dog must pass a meet and greet assessment where we learn more about your puppy’s health and behavioral history, his or her personality and what you hope for when you bring your dog to daycare, Experienced. In this way, we can put your dog in a playroom, depending on its size and temperament, so that it always plays with like-minded dogs. Your dog will enjoy 8-10 hours of open play in our safe and clean playrooms with lots of BFFFs (Best Furry Friends Forever). Your days will be full of exercise and burning energy, getting in touch with other dogs and being mentally stimulated by dedicated brain games and our team of dog trainers. At Dogtopia, your dog will love learning how to be a well-balanced puppy in our fun environment. Make it the most exciting day ever and enroll your dog for daycare!

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Dog News

Reporter scores exclusively with the stupidest Dognapper in the world



reporter scores exclusively with the stupidest dognapper in the world

Guys, I have to say this is a sucker. It’s either something torn out of those viral videos by “stupid criminals” or the strangest “bug” you’ve ever heard. Let me explain: It all started when a dog was stolen from a parked car.

At around 12:30 p.m. on a Friday, Boston police responded to the report that someone broke into a car and stole a 13-month-old German short-haired pointer named Titus. The surveillance video later showed a man walking the dog across Boston University Bridge.

@ CambridgePolice / Twitter

A news crew in the right place at the right time

Later, when Titus was still at large, a 7NEWS crew filmed on location. At that moment they saw Titus walking past with the same man. Of course, they stopped him and asked why he had Titus and filmed their interaction in a fascinating segment.

The news segment begins with an open and honestly amusing explanation from the field reporter:

“That’s me and I urge my photographer John to start rolling when I realized we’d seen the dog reported stolen in Cambridge and the man in a surveillance video who was accused of taking him.”

Screenshot, 7News

The suspect, later identified as Boston-based Kyle Gariepy, 29, offered this bizarre explanation:

“He just barked in the car and I walked past the car thinking it should be a dog that I let the dog run around. It wasn’t a kidnapping, it was just a simple mistake. “

Even if it was believed Titus was accidentally taken, police said 24 hours had passed since the dog disappeared. Gariepy hadn’t contacted the number on Titus’ tag. Well, he said he tried and it didn’t work, but there is no evidence for it.

After the interview, the news crew called the police. Gariepy was arrested and charged with theft of more than $ 1,200. He broke in and got into a vehicle to commit a crime.

Titus returns home

When the police arrived on site, Titus’ father Greg Siesczkiewicz and the two were happily reunited. Siesczkiewicz thanked the news crew and praised their keen eye:

“I’m just glad the person came back and I’m just glad you were there.”

Screenshot, 7News

He also noted that he is grateful that the crew reported on the event in the first place. Otherwise, Titus may not have been noticed at all.

“If anyone ever sees this who questions the value of media, social media and broadcast media, this proves it.”

I still don’t know what to do with the strange situation, but I’m glad Titus is back, who he belongs to.

H / T: Fox News
Featured image: @ CambridgePolice / Twitter

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Dogtopia’s virtual playroom lets people live as a substitute for dogs



virtual for dogs

Dogtopia, the nation’s leading dog daycare, food and spa franchise, announced the launch of its virtual playroom, a place for all dog lovers to get rid of stress. The Dogtopia daycare center has always been a place where dogs can socialize and have fun. Now it offers dog lovers a virtual way to do the same. The website features heartwarming stories about dogs and their pet parents, a meme generator, Peanuts comics, exclusive videos, surveys, and many more fun, interactive activities. This platform can be accessed at

“During the pandemic, we found that our pet parents spend a lot of time enjoying our webcams and making sure their dog attends our in-store events like birthday parties and themed dress-up days. We love the fact that our pet parents are vicariously living by their dogs, ”said Neil Gill, CEO and President of Dogtopia. “We wanted to give our pet parents a place to have fun while spending more time at home.”

In February, the Dogtopia website had more than 250,000 visits and animal parents spent an average of over an hour and a half per day watching their pups on webcams. So the Dogtopia team knows this is a valuable and informative resource for pet parents. However, by adding an element of entertainment and escapism to this virtual playroom, you can increase engagement and build an even stronger community among pet parents.

The fun in the virtual playroom is fully tailored to the experience a dog can have at Dogtopia, also known as “The Most Exciting Day Ever,” and the furry friendships that are made at the daycare. “Every day at Dogtopia is truly the most exciting day ever and this is a great opportunity to share the joy our teams have with the dogs every day,” said Chelsea Ledbetter, Dogtopia franchisee at The Woodlands. Texas.

At Dogtopia, dogs enjoy an open environment with protective rubber floors to relieve stress on their joints while promoting safe socialization, exercise, education and fun. Dogtopia’s day care rates are all-inclusive. Meals are prepared at the request of each pet parent at no extra charge, or the pet parents can bring their own food. Dogtopia’s webcams also give pet parents the peace of mind that they can check in their puppies even when they are not around. The Dogtopia family is made up of both single and multiple operators, including husband and wife teams, father and daughter / son duos, siblings, and many different types of business owners.

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Funniest & Cutest Golden Retriever Puppies #8 – Funny Puppy Videos 2021



funniest & cutest golden retriever puppies #8 funny puppy

Watch funniest golden retriever puppies and try not to laugh. Funny golden retriever dogs, funny puppy videos, funny dog, cute golden retrievers and many more puppies in this dogs video.


Sunnyside Goldens Eden Utah –

Thanks for watching!

Life of Riley by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license

#funny #dog #puppy #golden #goldentretriever



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