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Dog Breeds

Which breeds of canines are probably the most cussed and troublesome to coach?



What are the best and worst breeds of dogs of all? The answer may surprise you!

When it comes to the best boy, I quickly think of a few dog breeds. There are German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, and Labrador Retrievers. But what about breeds of dogs that are bad for your bones?

To be honest, the results really surprised me. I got a few right, and you could too! But it was still an interesting piece to read.

This list of the least obedient pups comes from News Week, where they share the top 40 (or should we say “worse”) most stubborn and disobedient dog breeds of all. Basically, these dogs are pretty selfish and only listen to you when they want to, and most likely only when there is something there for them (e.g. a treat).

The most stubborn breeds of dogs

One of the surprising dog breeds in the top 40 is the Wheaten Terrier. How can something so sweet be so bad? There are actually a lot of terriers on the list, which when you think about it, isn’t that shocking.

I wasn’t expecting to see Shih Tzu on the list, but I had one and can confirm these dogs are spoiled cuties.

What shocked me was to find the Siberian Husky on the list! Greyhounds are also on the list. Check out the source to learn more about all 40 disobedient dog breeds. We’re only going to go through the top 10 below.

No. 10: Shih Tzu
No. 9: Basset Hounds
# 8: A Mastiff vs. Beagle tie
No. 7: Pekingese
No. 6: Bloodhound
No. 5: Borzoi
No. 4: Chow Chow
No. 3: Bulldog
No. 2: Basenji
No. 1: Afghan Hound

According to several films, beagles are a delight! Who would have thought that most are so independent? I am surprised that the bulldog is so high on the list, but I suppose these are very cool and lazy dogs who would rather nap than be exercised.

Which of these dog breeds are you most surprised at here?

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