They say a dog is man’s best friend, but could Jas Leverette, the star of Netflix’s “Canine Intervention,” be the best friend every dog ​​needs? Well, the jury is still out of the question as the Netflix star ‘Canine Intervention’ has already come under fire for his training methods.

According to Netflix, “for Jas Leverette of Cali K9, no dog, no breed, no behavior is unfixable.” So who exactly is Jas Leverette and, despite the criticism, can he be considered a top dog among dogs?


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The Oakland-based dog trainer has a unique method, the “Cali K9 Method”, to assist dogs of all breeds and their owners with behavioral problems in their pooches. The idea is to make sure that both people and their pets are relaxed. But at least in the trailer of ‘Canine Intervention’ it is clear where Leverette’s sympathy lies when he says, “It’s never the dog’s fault, it’s always human error.”

How did Leverette get into the world of dog training? Well, Cesar Milan may be the “dog whisperer”, but Leverette seems to be a horse and dog whisperer. Interestingly, Leverette began training horses in animal training. He then trained hundreds of dogs, including service dogs, sport dogs, service dogs, and law enforcement dogs and their dog handlers. Leverette also appears to have helped celebrities with their dogs, including Kevin Hart.

What exactly is the ‘Cali K9 Method’ that Leverette uses to deal with even the toughest dogs?

According to the CaliK9 website, the Cali K9® Modern Dog Training Method ™ is an advanced, proprietary guidance system designed for modern dogs that is highly effective, fair, balanced and consistent. Our exclusive dog training method is a competitive level system of dog training techniques and tools that will make you and your dog successful in any situation. This method provides solid dog obedience training and helps solve common behavior and socialization problems. “

However, not everyone is a fan of Leverette’s methods. Certified Animal Behavior Researcher Steve Dale has made his disapproval clear and cited the violent techniques Leverette used.

Says Dale on his website, “A program that promotes aversive / aggressive techniques for exercising, when replicated by the public – which is going to happen – will only result in MORE behavior problems, more bites, more abandoned dogs. And for now, the last.” , what we do.” Seeing on TV is releasing aggression (which dogs are fear based) using aggressive and inhuman methods. Resolving aggression with aggression also teaches children wrong lessons. “

There is even a petition with nearly 35,000 signatures to stop the show from being published on Netflix. The petition launched by Nicola Barnett states: “We have spent over a decade fighting the popularization of inhumane training for animals on television. This type of commercialization for entertainment is barbaric and does not serve the general population and our most revered companion animals. The show Canine Intervention, which was announced to be released on Netflix starting February 24, features an animal trainer demonstrating the use of choke collars, prong collars, and electroshock collars on multiple social media platforms. We don’t need another Cesar-like trainer on TV showing inhuman training techniques to animal owners.

Despite the criticism, however, Netflix appears to be sticking to its February 24 release.

‘Canine Intervention’ will also focus on Jas Leverette’s personal life (Instagram)

Canine Intervention will also describe Jas’ life when he is not exercising. Jas is married to Nouhaila and they have a one year old son named Jasir. You can watch ‘Canine Intervention’ on Netflix on February 24th.

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