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Woman panics after hearing strange voices from her Furbo Dog camera



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Angela Cuniberti, a Missourian, panicked when she heard a strange noise in her house. 

She said, “I heard a voice saying, ‘hey beautiful'” “I was literally freaked out. I was afraid someone would break into my home. My dog began barking like mad.”

She quickly discovered that the voice of man came from her Furbo camera, which can send treats to pets even when you’re away. 

“I see this little light and I think it’s strange. She said it shouldn’t be on at all. “I went to have a closer look and that’s when he began laughing.”

Scott Grannerman is a Webster University technology expert who warns of products connected to internet. 

“We have now created security problems all over the world by putting these tiny internet-connected chips in all of these devices,” he stated.

Angela reached out to the company via email. They informed her that they take security very seriously and that the hacker probably had access her WiFi. 

“I haven’t used it ever since,” Angela noted. “I did contact Furbo, and they said they could replace it, but I refused because I don’t do that anymore.”

Inside Edition Digital also reached Out to Furbo, but they did not respond.

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